Tuesday, July 19, 2011

He HAD a new do!

Took crabby ol' man Riley cat to the vet for his once weekly "drink".  The technician came and carried him away in his carrier like usual, while I amused myself listening to these crazy cat people obsessing about their cats, pretending I wasn't one of them.  

It wasn't too long before Riley cat was being returned to me in his purple carrier, all watered and ready to go.  Except the tech had a strange look on her face as she approached me, which wasn't usual at all.  She hesitantly asked me, "are you painting your house?"  

Well isn't that the strangest question to get at the cat clinic!  

Cute even with a clean head!
"No, not painting anything ... "

"Well Riley had this stuff all over his head .. "


I realized I should have warned them but I had forgotten.  "OH!  NO!  That was cottage cheese!  He wanted to finish the container of cottage cheese and stuck his head all the way down to the bottom and it kind of slicked back the fur on his head and dried like that."  I went on.  "I kinda thought it was cute, so I didn't wash it off."  

The tech smiled at me, not nearly as amused as I was.  "Well it's washed off now."


It really was cute, though.  Really.



Teena in Toronto said...

Ha! That's too cute :)