Saturday, July 23, 2011

.. and on it goes

Early in the week I noticed that suddenly I was not getting the upper channels on cable.  Kind of threw me for a loop because those are pretty much the only ones I watch!  Come to find out I had ignored emails from the cable company telling me that if I did not have "the box" and was just plugging cable directly into my TV, I would need to get some kind of converter to continue to get the top cable channels.  UGH.  So I ordered some converters and commenced to feeling unsettled as I tried to find other things to watch in the meantime.

Coming home from work on Friday after the end of a really crappy week, my brakes decided they weren't just bad, they were worse than bad and started squealing in protest.  Wonderful.  

After I got home and collapsed on the couch that day I discovered, oh joy, my TV was dead.  Simply died during the day while I was at work. 

 And to finish that day my full figured kitty Norah was sitting on the other end of the couch and when I looked down at her she had a tuft of fur sticking out of her mouth.  I told her NO! but she simply reached around and pulled another tuft out of the center of her back.  She's been doing this lately but now she has almost gotten a bald spot.  She's always been a nervous cat, very skittish and now I guess she has turned the corner into full blown neurosis.  I sat on her and wrangled a "calming collar" on her, that had been waiting in the wings to go on Abby next month but Norah seemed to need it more.  Next I have to look for the rescue water drops that I bought and immediately misplaced so I can calm all the doggone cats!

And me?  I just might be looking at downing some calming wine.  Or something.  Damn I wish cigarettes didn't kill people.  Cause I would give my right arm to start smoking again.  I think I deserve it.  Deserve the wine, not the cigarettes.  I won't smoke.  But I will whine.  This is me whining.  Argh-h-h-h!   



Anonymous said...

Oh! My kitty did that for a while, the vet had me switch her food and she eventually stopped. She is a nervous girl. One of her eyes swells up and waters when she gets stressed too, so then I have to put special medicine in it, which she hates!

Teena in Toronto said...

I'd be lost without my cable!!

I hope Norah is okay and stops pulling fur out. Maybe she's missing the cable too?