Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Feeling powerless.

I actually got through to the electric company today and got an estimate of when the power might be on. The lady was very nice but seemed a bit guarded like maybe people had been yelling at her all morning. But really, when you've been without power since early Monday morning (and quite possibly addicted to the Internet and TV) you really don't want to get an estimate like - NOON ON FRIDAY!!!!

I was very nice. I did not yell or scream or cry or beg. I simply said "you are aware of course, that it's TUESDAY??"


"of course Ma'am, and I apologize for the delay."


So the candles are lit, I have 3 books on my Kindle app and plenty of candles. And of course, plenty of kitties to keep me company. Thank God for gas hot water heaters and the promise of temps dropping to 64 during the night. Oh - and I'm grateful for phones with alarms on them or I would never make it to work in the morning. Hmmm - might have to rethink that last one.

Although - my neighbor has a generator - I can hear it. Another clue is the light in the living room and the soft glow of their TV. Kinda mean, I think. They could at least close their drapes so the rest of us aren't pressing our noses against their window . Just saying'.



Anonymous said...

Being without power sucks, summer or winter. After my mom went 10 days several years ago due to the ice storms, she had a generator installed that runs off the gas going to her house. Now if the power goes off this automaticaly kicks on and within something like 12 seconds...you have power again. It is wonderful. She doesn't have to worry about it, I don't have to worry about it, and as soon as I can, I plan on putting one in at my house. Hope it comes back on soon. In the mean time try to stay cool and sane if that is at all possible.

Lady Banana said...

We rarely get power cuts thankfully, and when we do I don't remember any lasting more than an hour apart from one at work which lasted all day.

I loved that one as it meant we couldn't do ANY work! lol

cindy said...

lol, you are making the best of it. I would press my nose up against the neighbours window just to watch tv though.... ha ha ha ha.

sometimes a power outage can be a good thing, some of the best times were had during power outages and family game night comes back. Glad the kitty company