Sunday, May 1, 2011

I hate it when I break stuff.

When I was about 10, my dad lost his glasses tending to a fire in the burn pit behind our garage. Apparently they fell out of his front shirt pocket right into the fire.  That night he made a 9 hour round trip drive to Michigan and back, to see my Uncle Doc.  Uncle Doc was our eye doctor and we would all get eye exams when we went up to visit.  That's how badly he needed to replace those glasses.


Today I officially understand.  :(   My glasses got kind of wonky so of course I tried to bend them a bit, ever so carefully .. snap!  Yikes!  Hopping into the shower and getting ready to leave the house, I remembered the story.  And I get it!

My glasses were 're-strung', the wire that held the lenses in place on the bottom was changed, they were back in shape and shined up and looked brand -y -new in about 45 minutes!

Oh, and not only am I grateful that America's Best was so responsive (and open on Sundays) but I am also glad my uncle retired long ago.  I understand why my dad made the drive, just not sure I would have been willing to do it!



Lady Banana said...

I always have a spare pair, our local opticians do a two for one deal most of the time which is brilliant - just in case.

cindy said...

I'm still getting use to my two for ones, a pair for the computer and a pair to walk with and read. I'd be in a pickle if either of them let go. Funny how a happening can make your remember a story or two.

Anonymous said...

I have the two also. One pair to see the computer and one pair for everything else. I am lost without either pair. Hard part is remembering to change them out. Hate it when I get a few steps down the hall and remember why everything looks a little fuzzy.