Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I think not!

Remember my little microscope?  I lost it.  Okay maybe saying 'lost' is not entirely accurate.  I put it away.  You know, put it away because everything should have a place so I found a place and put it there.  It didn't belong where it had been hanging out, even though I knew where it was when it was there.  Today I decided I needed it.

I must have walked around the house for at least 20 minutes, checking shelves and drawers and going back to the places I had discounted with "I wouldn't have put it there" time and again.  It was to the point where I was saying to myself "okay, think like me.  How do I think?  Where would I think was a good, logical place for a microscope?"  Not - "think like the cat, where would she have hidden my sock?"  Not - "think like my son, what would he have done with the barbecue sauce?"  No, "c'mon, think like me.  Like me, how would I think?"  Because of course I am a separate person from myself.

Clearly I think crazy.

Oh yeah, I did eventually find it.  It was in a place where obviously I had stashed it thinking - "this is a stupid place but it's not where it was before so it must be better."  And to continue that thought "and I'll remember it here."




cindy said...

I just had a brain cluster... that is a memory of a thought.

I almost always find something else I had lost when looking for something else. One time I had my hair bag open on the counter and my son came in and set his keys down and kept going. I had finished a cut and put everything back and put the bag back in my closet. We searched for about 3 hours for his keys until I had him go over in his head where he might have set them down. Then I remembered having the hair bag (shoe box) open on the counter and went to it and got the keys. I find you can't think like other do, especially not like a cat but good luck with that one, k.

Anonymous said...

I spend a lot of time looking for things that I just saw a "few days ago". Story of my life, I just saw it but don't remember where I saw it.

Lady Banana said...

Years ago I knew where everything was.. These days I rarely remember where anything is.

It causes a lot of frustration and wastes a lot of time :(

BetteJo said...

Frustration - absolutely!! And then "what was I thinking when I put it THERE???"

Karen said...

Oh do I ever have those days. I put something away never to see it again. I once "lost" a gold bracelet, and searched for it for over 3 YEARS. I "found" it one day when I was cleaning out my camera bag. I would have never thought to look there for it. When I did find it, I remembered wearing it to my nieces wedding, and taking it off and putting it in my camera bag. But do you think I would have remembered that while I was looking for that bracelet? No, never.

Shaiha said...

Oh that sounds so familiar. Unfortunately when I try to think like myself, it never works. I am still trying to find things that I stashed over 5 years ago. And to make it worse, I have moved since then.

How is your cat doing? Did the rescue remedy help?