Sunday, June 20, 2010

You do not deserve this day.

Dear Ex-Husband,

I have been thinking about our last conversation. It has been bothering me a lot. You asked why she would still be upset about things that happened such a long time ago. When we were married I had rules for arguing and one of them was "no name calling". I have not been married to you for 15 years. You are a moron.

Before we were even married (much less had kids) I stressed to you the importance of a father
in his kids lives, especially his daughter's. I explained how your relationship with your daughter would shape how she felt about herself and how she related to the men in her life. Forever. When we got divorced I emphasized the importance of seeing our kids, staying involved and keeping your promises.

You started a new family, broke all of your promises, and moved away.

You think because your daughter went to visit you a few times when she was still a child that everything should be okay now that she is an adult. You are stupid.

I must say to you the one thing you have claimed not to be true over and over. You are EXACTLY like my father.

And I will never forgive you.


The Ex-Wife



Diane at Crafty Passions said...


Teena in Toronto said...

He sounds like a dick!

Anonymous said...

Some people just never get it. My ex will die alone cause he doesn't think he should have to make any effort to keep contact with is kids. It is sad, but it's no ones fault but his own.

JenK said...

It is so sad that many people believe that Father is a term you earn when you have a baby. It's not. It's something you earn every day after you have a baby.

You have to earn it. It doesn't come free.

thotlady said...

This is so true and sad for your daughter.

My relationship with my father did indeed shape me. I lost him in 2003 and I miss him He was my hero and an inspiration to me.

What a horrible thing to throw away, that close relationship your ex could have had with his daughter. It makes me sad.

Coloradolady said...

my dad was just like that....non existent. even chose to die alone, did not contact us, we never even knew where he was or even if he was sick.

My ex-step mom had no problem however once he was gone contacting us for funeral arrangements. I wanted to slam the phone in her face.....don't know why some fathers are like that, mine was his whole entire life, we just were not important. Sorry.

Lady Banana said...

An awful lot of men are like this, very sad..

Lavender said...

GRRRR! Been there, done that! I was going to say more, but she'd already know what its like, grrrr! (PS: Nice new bag BJ)

BetteJo said...

Honestly, I will never understand. I could not care less about what happened between us in our marriage, but hurting my kids? Not cutting any slack there.

Susannah said...

ouch. I'm so sorry.

So glad she has a mom like you, though.