Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Self defense

I read about doing this somewhere. While I am waiting for my weapons grade ant killer to arrive in the mail, I still have to feed the cats. And since I am not going to go around and spray the cracks and crevices they are coming out of for now, I have to find alternatives. NOT leaving cat food out during the day is simply not an option.
So - cat food meets the pie plate.

The theory being that ants can't swim, although I'm not convinced mine can't, if I keep a moat of water around the bowl that holds the food, they will not invade it. Cats will just have to get used to it.

Doesn't seem to bother Riley.

And as for the ants that wander in - well, this baby won't be put away for a while.

Survival of the fittest. Or the thinking-est. Or somethin'.



Stimey said...

What a fun idea. Maybe I'll start moating all my food.

Alex valiantly fought ants at our house for three years before he won. We had two ant-free years. This year, they're starting to trickle back. I think the war will be back on next summer.

Teena in Toronto said...

Morgan is very messy!

The Beading Gem said...

Brilliant idea! I grew up in an ant infested area. Your solution reminded me of my mother using small ceramic "moat" dishes at the bottom of kitchen table and cupboard legs.

Lady Banana said...

Good thinking BetteJo!!

amanda said...

I was being humane and putting the bugs out (new house is on a wooded lot!) until someone said they'd be back. Vacuum and toilet. Done.

Lavender said...

It works a treat BJ - good work! No kitty likes ants in their kibble - great job!

Susannah said...

Weapons-grade ant killer...hee, hee!

We did the same thing for Otis' dog food while we were battling ants. He couldn't have cared less!