Monday, June 21, 2010

Maxine Monday

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Diane at Crafty Passions said...

I have lost 12 and I wish it was on each boob....low carb... and I feel great,sugar is finally down and I am 12 pounds in 2 weeks lighter!

Anonymous said...

At this point I would take any loss from anywhere. LOL. I miss the days of my youth when I didn't need a bra, now that is the only thing that keeps me from being beaten to death.

thotlady said...

Stupid diet indeed.

When I was on my first diet I was 25 or so, and the first place I lost weight was in my boobs and arms.

I am very well endowed, so loosing inches from my breasts were welcome, and my arms, ditto.

Unfortunately, now when I diet I don't loose those inches in my arms and breast. Everything just sags. Yikes!

Susannah said...

Hee, hee!

Unfortunately, I'm not sure I have a 1b. left to loose in each! After nursing 3 babies, I had to buy ALL new bras -- after all was said 'n done, I went down 2 cup sizes!