Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Do you know Carl?

Guess who turned 82!?!?! There were cupcakes and balloons and ice cream and loud singing. And yes, I made a woman with emphysema blow out a candle. Hey - she's grateful she's still here and can! There were presents and fun was had by all. No, no face painting. But my daughter introduced us to Talking Carl! Ever heard of him?

Yes, he's an app. He's a rubbery looking little red block you can poke or tickle and he yells or laughs. And he imitates voices or sounds he hears. Mom thought it was pretty funny so we loaded Carl on her phone and then .. Dani's Carl said "Hi my name is Carl" so my mom's phone said "Hi my name is Carl" a bit higher toned - so Dani's Carl said the same thing back and Mom's Carl ... well, you get the picture. At some point the Carl's had stopped imitating each other and one of us would say something and both Carls would imitate the words. We'd all laugh and the Carl's would laugh and then Mom started to cough. And the Carls coughed! It was hysterical. Except then I had to stop and make sure Mom was okay. She was. Haven't seen her laugh like that in years and years.

Mom got phone calls from her other 3 kids from different parts of the country, my sister's son sent her some chocolate covered strawberries, me and my kids were there, her brother called as well and there was lots more chocolate! It was a good little party.

And you know you want to meet Carl.

When we were leaving Dani said "Gee I thought Carl was just for kids - " uh huh - kids and old people apparently! Whatever works. :)

Bret Michaels didn't show.



Mahala said...

I bet Carl was way more fun that Brett Michaels :)

Diane at Crafty Passions said...

My Mom would of loved Carl at one of her birthday parties.
On her last birthday she showed us she was wearing a punk belt complete with cross bones and skulls, it was halarious and so not my mother she was 86.
Happy Birthday to BettyJo's Mom !!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Mahala, I think Carl was probably better. But I have to say I do like Brett...Glad such a good time was had by all.

Lady Banana said...

My daughter has Carl :)

The Beading Gem said...

It should be Dr Carl because laughter is the best medicine!