Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Just some stuff

Apparently my mom is coming to live with me. On Friday. Not that I've spoken to her about it since she said she was going to look into plane flights. I got an email from my brother in Seattle telling me my mom was coming out on Friday. Hmm. Spoke to my brother in New Jersey - he didn't know anything either - even though he would be the one responsible for helping her pack and getting to the airport.

Interesting. I tried to call her today, no answer, emailed her asking her to call me. Got an email back -

" Will arrive in Chicago around 2pm on Fri., will follow with details later.

Uh ... okay. So even though I have the day off work today I am sitting here instead of getting her room ready and doing anything else really. That's what happens to me, I get overwhelmed and get paralyzed. It's called denial.

On another note, I'm inordinately worried about Bret Michaels and his brain hemorrhage. Never really been a fan per se, but every time I have seen an interview with him he simply seems like a really good guy. Maybe it's because he's diabetic, has been since he was a kid, which means any other kind of illness can be devastating - much less something like this! Information is only trickling out and I find myself checking for updates more than is natural for someone who has not really listened to his music or watched him on TV, beyond the very first season of Rock of Love. Wasn't interested enough to watch any other seasons or Celebrity Apprentice when I heard he was on.

A bit weird but we'll just call it compassion and leave it at that.

Oh and I saw this - whether you agree with the law that has been passed or not - you have to admit MSNBC has a genius writing their headlines! Lol!

It's almost like using a double negative, isn't it?


Diane at Crafty Passions said...

Dont you just hate that when everything is so up in the air like that.....to me it feels like she is trying to show you she can be independent.
Be strong Betty Jo.... you CAN do this !
I am thinking of you.. I know that dosen't help any but I feel for you.

BetteJo said...

It helps Diane, thanks. I know you MORE than understand!

Stimey said...

1. I hope you get some information about your mom soon. It's nice to be able to prepare.

2. I saw more than one Poison concert when I was in high school. I was a huge Bret Michaels fan back then.

3. C'mon, MSNBC!

4. My word verification is "chums."

Anonymous said...

Your mom sounds a lot like my mother in law. Wants to still be independent but really can't. It's got to be hard to give that up. I hope it all works out for the best. As for Bret Michaels, I always hate to hear that anyone that young has something like that happen. He has young children and it is so sad for them. I check for updates too, guess compassion is the best word for what we feel. Or maybe a little fear, I am older than him, so that hangs in the back of my mind. It is just plain scary sometimes.