Thursday, January 1, 2009

Maxine - uh - NOT - ?

So yeah, I'm that smart. Spent a while searching my new computer see where I put my Maxine folders. Finally found them, picked a Maxine out and went to post it. Before I scheduled it for early in the morning tomorrow I decided against the one I had chosen and deleted it. Back to the folders again. Hmm-m. Which one, which one. Did a short Internet search for new Maxines. Yeah.

Not the brightest bulb, am I? Tomorrow happens to be Friday, not Monday. But for a good half hour or more - I thought it was Monday. Momentary lapses are one thing, but this time I just felt stooooopid!


Lavender said...

Oh BetteJo, Ive been there and done that - nice to know its not just me!
Hang in there, the year can only get better!

Diane of Crafty Passions said...

Wait till your retired, it gets worst!!! LOL!!!!

The Beading Gem said...

LOL! I am quite forgetful too but one thing is sure, there is NO way I could mistake a Friday for a Monday! I'm not looking forward to Monday. Sigh.

Kokopelli said...

Good to know, that it's not only me. Mostly I get confused about if it's a work day or not. Or I loose track of the days when on vacation.
I just came over from Lady Roots and browsed your blog a bit. Beautiful jewelry and cats! Fine! I make jewelry, too, and own two cats myself. I think I'll come back to read more. :-)