Saturday, January 10, 2009

Martha Stewart I'm not.

I have been somewhat MIA lately, messing with my new computer and dealing with a virus I downloaded from somewhere. Ugh that makes me mad! I think it's gone now though, after trying every kind of malware, spyware, adware, virus killer, stomper, demolisher out there. Holy cow, some kind of Trojan that was giving me pop-ups out of nowhere. Made me nuts. At least the pop-ups themselves weren't obscene or anything.

Yesterday was my son's TWENTY FIFTH birthday, WHEN did he get that old??? But, he had to work so we decided to "do" his birthday today. I, in my infinite wisdom, decided to make him a special *cough* cake. It's only him and me, my daughter is back at school. And since Andy will normally have 1 piece of birthday cake and then concentrate on the ice cream for the rest of the week, I decided I would make him an ice cream cake! That way he would actually help finish off the cake instead of leaving it all for me. Oh yes I would. Nothing better on the weekend than a piece of birthday cake for breakfast!

All I can say is that the next time I attempt to combine baked goods with frozen ingredients, I will not make a round layered thing. Maybe a sheet cake that remains in the pan. I baked the 2 chocolate cake layers last night. Formed the mint ice cream layer last night as well, popped it into the freezer to harden. I'm thinking I should have frozen the cake layers as well. A little while ago I thought I would give the assembly of said ice cream cake a go. It could have been an I Love Lucy episode.

I frosted the bottom layer - might have been a bad idea. Frosting is slippery. Didn't think of this. Frosted the top layer on a piece of wax paper so it would be ready to pop on top. Took out the ice cream layer, carefully unwrapped it and placed it on top of the bottom layer, placed the top layer on top of the ice cream, and voila! Right? Not exactly.

I decided I should try to frost the ice cream layer - I could do it reallyreally fast and maybe it would stick. Uh huh. NOT. Not only wasn't the frosting sticking to the ice cream, but the top 2 layers started sliding off the bottom layer. I would push it back one way and it would try to slide off the other way. The only thing left for me to do was to freeze the whole kit 'n kaboodle and hope it all held together in the end.

No room in my freezer for that - so now Andy's cake is freezing (hopefully solid) in a tupperware cake-safe in the garage, with a Samsonite cosmetic case sitting on top of it to make sure it's safe. I'm hoping there aren't any critters at all in my garage but you never know. Took me a minute or 2 to find a spot in the garage that was actually level but as I walked away all layers were in their appointed places. Cross your fingers for me. It's 26 degrees outside and the temps will be dropping lower than that soon, and it will be at least 5 hours before I need to actually cut the cake. Maybe time is on my side.

I can only hope, right? I'll let you know how it turns out. Um. . . I doubt there will be pictures.


LadyBanana said...

Well.. it's the thought that counts!

Hope it will be in some way edible :)

TRO said...

Try malwarebytes it helps quite a bit with malware.

BetteJo said...

Tried it .. it did find some things - but not the major problem. Kaspersky found that.

Bev's Jewelry said...

I stopped making birthday cakes a long time ago. Not my thing!
As for my computer I just have McAfee and worry it isn't enough. I got the Troy Bell virus last year and had to have someone remove it for me. Seems McAfee can't find it and my Comcast has something else to do with it. Decided someone else could do it better. Yuck.

ireneintheworld said...

I could just picture this whole episode bettejo. nice to see you back - you were missed; 'cause you're not a slacker, like me! x

Heather "Hev" said...

Umm fun i reckon - maybe if you lived in Adelaide yesterday (109f) you wouldnt have had to worry about the cake sliding off - it would have evaporated ;)

Mind you I never knew there was actual cake in icecream cake - ours is a cake shaped icecream and you cut off wedges and eat with a spoon :)

Hope Andy enjoyed his birthday :)