Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Another day in paradise

Today was one of those long days at work, knowing it’s a short week but having too much to do to enjoy the anticipation. The weather was beautiful, nice and warm with a nice breeze. And of course I was indoors at my desk. At least I have a window.

I really like my desk, I like the people I work with but today I couldn’t think. Without going into job threatening details, there have been a lot of changes lately, leaving me the only one who does what I do in our little area.

Just by the nature of their jobs – the people around me tend to get loud. They call out to each other and walk from one end of the department to the other talking as they go, regardless of whether they are standing right next to your cube or not, or whether you might be on the phone with, I don’t know, a client maybe?

I try not to get upset because I know it’s because we do different jobs now, my job is more solitary and more analytical and if you’re me and easily distracted – it requires a certain degree of calm and lots of concentration.

On the other hand, I have been working with some of these people since forever, and the idea of leaving them makes me crazy. I get very attached. I love the easy banter and all the laughter, the closeness of some of the relationships.

But it’s very hard to do my job sometimes.

Today – I wore earplugs. Literally. You squeeze these little foam rubber thingy’s or roll them in your fingers, quick stick them in your ears and then feel them expand. Kind of cool and they really help, but after a while my ears start to feel a little itchy and they kind of sting.

I might have to ask my boss to move me.

I still work in a cubicle world, but this is the first time ever that I have a desk with a big bright window, clean carpets and less traffic on my drive to and from work. And it would make me incredibly sad to leave the people I have worked side by side with for so very long. I haven’t made up my mind but it’s something I really have to think about.

Then to cap off my perfect day – I came home and whacked my little toe against the wall going around a corner too fast and I think I broke it. My toe, not the wall. Or sprained it. Or whatever you do to a pinky toe when you smack it really hard. The result is the same, it hurts and turns colors. And to think today was the day I was going to start jogging. *cough*

It feels like a Monday. Thank God it’s not.


Mahala said...

I have earplugs in my desk for just such occasions. You ARE lucky to have a window at least.

One day I mentioned that it had gotten too loud and I had to resort to earplugs, and Bubble said, "Oh you look SO ridiculous in those things."

And she lives. There is a special place in heaven for me.

Hev said...

Tough decision there? What about some earphones with your favourite music?? then its distracting the noise but maybe not enough to not hear the phone ringing.....

You enjoyed your working from home - so perhaps do that a day or two a week if the boss allows???

Hope the solution is found for you

LadyBanana said...

Your story sounds familiar to me, I'm also having to put up with changes yet again at work.. and I'm not one who takes to change very quickly.

Hope your toe isn't too painful now!

The Beading Gem said...

Those yellow ear plugs are so useful - I use them a lot at work too. Hope you settle down soon with the changes.

Heather said...

As cubicles go it looks like a nice one. Earplugs that's funny. I guess you would take them out if you are on the phone with a client, or maybe not?

Heather said...

Oh yeah has your toe turned Black yet?

BetteJo said...

It's not my real cubicle, but it reminded me of mine. I really do need to bring my ipod, at least that way I can choose the noise in my head.
Working from home? That is something we are allowed to do only on a limited basis.
My toe? It's actually good. It still hurts - but mostly just when I have a shoe on. So maybe I was in pain and exaggerated a bit. But it really did hurt!!!

palette48 said...

It seems like a lot of businesses are restructuring these days. I, for one, don't like change myself so I feel for you. I hope it will get a little less painful as you adapt to your new situation.

Anonymous said...

It's great to love your work
I love mine as well.
In fact i look forward to it.
Weekends are great, but too much time on yours hands is not to good either.
It gets me in trouble.lol