Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Yeah so I got nothin'. The kidney stone has quieted down and hasn't bothered me for a whole day and a half. My daughter and I worked on cleaning out the garage yesterday, today the garbage guys took away about 10 bags of garbage, a slew of empty boxes and the junk guy scored an old exercise bike and computer. Last week we put out a comparable amount and we still aren't done.

Not my favorite activity. I'm trying to convince Dani that there aren't
only 2 choices. She thinks it should either be - garbage, or garage sale. She doesn't think we should keep any of the stuff that's stored in the garage. She wanted to get rid of my turkey platter! I mean - I know it only gets used once a year, maybe, but I'm not getting rid of it.

I did part with 2 vacuum cleaners last week, there was a TV out there and next week it will probably be an old computer monitor as well as whatever we bag. Ye
s, we have junk. But we also gave about 5 full bags of clothes to the YWCA and will probably give them just as much again if not more.

I still have an old seat from a horse drawn fire truck from .. uh .. whenever fire trucks were pulled by horses. Have no idea what to do with it - I figure someone out there would be interested in it. My old jeans from the 80's, not so much.

Had a nice 4 day weekend and spent 2 days nursing the kidney stone, 1 day doing nothing and 1 day being relatively productive. Not a good average. And now tomorrow I go back to work and I hardly got anything done around here. At least - relatively speaking.

Yeah, like I said - I got nothin'. I guess that's not so bad when you consider how much time any of us really gets to do nothin'.


palette48 said...

That does not sound very much fun. I know that kidney stones are really painful. I hope that you will be able to pass it and get it out of your system soon.

Thanks for the support too, I appreciate it!

Diane of Crafty Passions said...

Nothin is ok so is no news!
No news is usually good news,take care

LadyBanana said...

Good to hear you're OK now..

The image you have there is oh so depressingly true...

Day Dreamer said...

Laughing at retire play die above. YIKES!!!

Didja miss me!??

Kidney stones!!?? UGH!


The Beading Gem said...

It may not have been a fun week but hey, you threw out a bunch of unwanted stuff including a kidney stone. You did accomplish something!

BetteJo said...

I'm not sure I passed the stone, it could be nestling quietly - waiting to scrape a jagged path down my ureter next time I have a nice day or 2 off work! :)

Hev said...

Well at least you did SOMETHING!!! I on the other hand never seem to do much around here at all!

Just thinking about that FIre Truck seat thingy-my-jiggy - is there a museum aor something that might take it? Ask at the local fire station. At least they would appreciate the history of it :)

So glad you are feeling better :)
Have a fantabulous day!!!

PawHealer said...


Hellllo, we have herbal formulas that actually dissolve kidney stones.

They are people formulas I use on dogs and they work like a charm. If it keeps acting up, think about it.

i know you never been an herb person, but they work!

Sounds like your having a heck of a time.