Sunday, July 6, 2008

Yay me!

Did a little bit of weeding yesterday, stretched my back out and got it sore. Yay me. Yesterday evening I decided I would walk toward the fireworks. I knew if I walked far enough down this one street I would come to the creek. The fireworks are normally set off every year near that creek - just further down from where I was. But - I walked and walked and when I got there - there were other people with the same idea. I just plopped down onto the grass, no blanket or anything, and the grass was quite damp.

Still - I haven't seen any fireworks for a few years so I was going to sit, wet grass or not. Obnoxious teenagers behind me, or not. All I could think of was - I hope I was not that disgustingly obnoxious and inconsiderate when I was their age. I remember being somewhat oblivious to other people around us then, but I do not remember purposely raising our voices and saying rude things loud enough for anyone, including the elderly or small children to hear.

Fireworks are hard to ruin, the only part I regret was not getting a bit closer because I could not see any of the ground displays and the thundering booms just aren't quite the same when you're not up close. Besides, when it was done - I had to turn around and walk back home for a total of almost 3 miles round trip. While I didn't walk fast - it still couldn't have hurt me. I saw fireworks, and had some exercise. It was a good night.

But I am one of those people who can get completely bit up by small bugs or mosquito's and have no idea for days. Literally. My ankles are starting to itch, and on one side of one of my knees....
UGH! I'm one of those people who will scratch till I bleed. Hoping it doesn't get that bad.

Add to that - I put a computer desk together tonight. A simple one, but still. Considering that lately, opening a jar of jelly hurts my hands, you can imagine how that arthritis in my thumbs is feeling right now. Can you say SCREAMING,BURNING PAIN? Yeah, like that. Thank God I have a drill or I would be weeping instead of whining. I've taken some Tylenol for Arthritis pain and am getting ready to go to bed.

Tomorrow? Laundry. Laundry and vacuuming and all that stuff. Fun!!!


Hev said...

Sounds like you had quite an eventful day :)

Sorry your arthritis flared up though :(

Rub raw onion on your bites it relieves them quite well.

Hope you feel better tomorrow

PawHealer said...

How is Riley? Hope your having a good long weekend.

I don't buy stuff if its not put together, because it will just sit in the box.

I applaud your drive. I have none.

Maddy said...

Well that's because we women have nicer tasting blood!

The Beading Gem said...

I hate bugs too. They ruin the enjoyment of fireworks, scenery etc. You know those gorgeous photos of the Canadian Rockies? Well, the mosquitos are out of focus.