Friday, February 29, 2008


My pictures were just here a minute ago! Seriously.
What happened?

The pictures in my previous post suddenly disappeared. Blogger seemed to be having a lot of trouble today with errors right and left. So I went back in and put my pictures back in! But I can't get rid of what I think is 2 of the original pics. I really hate it when I can't figure out something like that.

So - if anybody is seeing doubles - it's you. It's not my blog. I'm just sayin'.


useless_rambler said...

Or it could be the vodka ;)

Wanted to tell you that you've inspired me... I'm headed over to WW online to check it out. I had no idea that you could join 'virtually' and not *have* to attend meetings. I believe in WW (my Grandmother once lost 100 pounds with them), but jeez!, who has the time to go to dang meetings????

Enjoy your weekend!!!

MsCatCalls said...

I hate to tell you but I couldnt access the pics at all .... clicked on them an dthey juts wouldnt come up .... wierd . I thought it was me !

BetteJo said...

UR - I forgot all about the vodka! :) I'm glad I inspired you - and nice to have company!!

S - I don't know what's up with those pictures and blogger. I can see the pics since I put them back, sorry you can't although they are just every day snaps. :)