Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I am not worthy

Somehow when I have not been around, not posting – reading or commenting much I have managed to receive an award! And not only a sweet award, but from 2 different ladies who write beading blogs! I am so ashamed. Because this is what my bead room looks like right now. You would not believe what the floor in there looks like!

I’m glad the award is not based on my beading because I haven’t created anything new in at least a month if not more. I sold something this weekend in spite of myself because I have not been putting any effort into it at all while my bead room is slowly moving forward. Apparently this award is based on my sparkling personality and that’s so much better anyway, isn’t it? (am I hiding my shame well enough?)

The first wonderful and talented lady is Jo from Gem Heaven. She has so much talent when it comes to creating jewelry I would wear everything she creates. Every. Single. Piece. Seriously. Gorgeous jewelry with incredible handmade beads and beautiful silver! If you want to see what a true jewelry maker can do, please check her out. Thank you Jo!

The second lady to give me this award has a different type of beading blog. Her name is Pearl (yes really) and she writes The Beading Gem’s Journal. She teaches people how to bead, offers tutorials and really interesting articles on beads and techniques. I’ve learned from her and frequently bookmark her articles to go back to. God knows I can never absorb enough information on the subject! Thank you Pearl!

Both of these ladies bestowed upon me the You Make My Day Award! How fantastic is that? I appreciate it so much. I’ve met some terrific people through blogging and they never cease to amaze me. I am not worthy. *see me bowing down* Thank you Jo and Pearl! Truly.

There are rules and regulations and guidelines to follow when it comes to awards and I am afraid I am rebellious when it comes to these things. There are times when I follow all of the rules and times when I follow none. I think I am too tired to follow the rules right now. I apologize. Or not.
:) But believe me when I say -
you, ladies, have made MY day!!!



capitolagirl said...

My gosh! I wish my beading room was so wonderfully organized!

Day Dreamer said...

Oh yes you are worthy!! Silly girl!

BetteJo said...

The look of organization is very deceptive. And it's only on those shelves because I just put those containers up there!!

DD - why thank you!

Stimey said...

That room looks fun!! I also left you an award on my blog a couple days ago. I'm not very good at alerting people to things like that though.

BetteJo said...

Doggone it - I wish I wasn't behind on my blog reading - I could have posted another one! Oh well. I have another award for another day. Thank you Stimey!!

Gemheaven said...

ohhh thank you BetteJo I'm blushing here in the UK!
I refuse to take a photo of my beading desk its a disgrace lol but I work well in the mess until I loose something ;)

MsCatCalls said...

If anyone is worthy it IS you !

Bette Jo are you ok , I know youre busy and you write that sometimes you need to take a break from reading and writing . But I cant help getting jittery when you havent been by my blog for a day or two ? I hope all is well and youre resting your eyes and doing other things ..... take care xxx

BetteJo said...

S - you are wonderful to worry, but I am fine. Seemed like all week I kept getting sidetracked by little things that kept me busy!

Last weekend my plan was to catch up on my blogs - I guess I have to make that THIS weekend's plan now!

PawHealer said...

You do have a sparkling personality...

I'll put up a picture of my herb room to match your bead room..whata mess.

Where does all the time go?