Thursday, December 29, 2011

A for entertainment value (It's NOT a Penis!)

Went to the doctor tonight, got weighed - actually gained about 4 lbs.  Did not surprise me in the least.  A nurse put me in a room to wait for Dr. Cute where I would have my fill done in a few minutes.  There was a fluoroscope in the room.  Basically it's an x-ray where you stand in front of this metal disk and the thing in front of you takes pictures while you watch your innards on the screen.  

Waiting is not my favorite activity but I spent the 15 minutes or so alone in that room giggling like a jr high student.  Because this was the image left on the screen from the previous patient.

Um, yeah.  I know, right?  When the doc came in I showed it to him and asked what it was.  He obviously did not want to acknowledge what it looked like and proceeded to show me where it was actually a woman's stomach pouch and part of her breast and .. then he had to smile and admit he could see why I would think it was something else.  Picture me laughing now.  When he realized I thought it was extremely funny like any teenage boy would, he went and got the nurse and the receptionist telling them he needed them to help him with something.  The funniest thing was the 2 of them looking at the screen and tilting their heads and not saying a word as if they were trying to make sense of some piece of modern art.  Finally Dr. Cute says "It looks like a penis!"  And those 2 women still weren't sure if they should laugh.  Me?  Tears.  The doctor?  Laughing too.  And I am still not convinced that really is some woman's stomach pouch.  No matter how I look at it I can't see that.  Because below - this is my stomach.  Looks quite different, doesn't it?

Click to see it bigger
Enjoy.  :)  :)  :)



cindy said...

So I guess that blows my theory. Did he tell you why you're able to eat a whole sandwich? This is neat btw, I'd been laughing and giggling also. The nurses probably saw it straight off but were holding back.

Lady Banana said...

That is funny and I'm sure just what you needed, always good to have a laugh!