Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas is my holiday

Not like it doesn't belong to anyone else.  In the way that it has always been my favorite and I love, Love, LOVE my Christmas tree every year.  Except this year .. I just didn't quite feel like it.  Maybe because of the house hunting, I feel like I'm halfway out the door already, not sure.  But the idea of putting up my big, full, detailed, did I mention BIG tree this year was just not appealing.  So I bought myself a 40 dollar skinny tree (pre-lit) and decorated it in pastels with a few splashes of red.  This suits me for Christmas, 2011.  Hopefully next year, this will be only one of two trees in my new house!

Hope you're enjoying the run-up to Christmas!


Anonymous said...

I am not a Christmas person. Has to do with my dad's birthday being on Christmas and after he died my mom just couldn't deal with the holiday. So it got passed on to me. I put up the big tree when my daughter was little, but now I use a fiber optic pre decorated tree. And that is just so I don't feel like a complete scrooge.

Cindy said...

I love Christmas, but I think it was all put on for the kids when they were small. Oh I try believe you me but I just don't put forward enough effort. I guess it is past memories that don't hold well and loosing mom 6 years ago doesn't help. Now this Christmas, a different story. I was in the spirit, hauled the tree from the basement only to find out it was all smelling moldy and nasty. I didn't let that stop me I headed to the barn with an axe I cut down a tree in the back yard (already on its last legs) and into the house it went. I'm doing the A-Z of Christmas and when I get to T it will be there. lol
I love your decorations, and the tour down your tree, my favourite was the star, reminds me of wall paper I had in the old house. So you can get a tree lit for 40 dollars? When I found ours all moldy I was about to purchase a new one until I found out they were all around $80 to $250, nope I'll stick with my dead tree for now but the decorations made it beautiful.

Teena in Toronto said...

I'm not a Christmas person either and have zero spirit this year :(

Pearl Blay said...

We don't go overboard with preparations. Christmas is a lovely quiet time for us to gather close and enjoy the holidays.