Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Who is next?


Jakie with her feeding tube
Usually I write about Riley, my crabby ol' man cat.  He's old, he's crabby, and he has a thyroid condition. But he's not who I wanted to write about today.  Today - it's Jake.  Jake is a girl.  She's the kitty that has always been the favorite because she is so sweet and friendly.  She will climb on anybodies lap, and tends to gravitate to people who don't like cats or do not want contact with cat hair.  She's nice like that.

Back in 2006 Jakie developed hepatic lipidemia.  Lipidosis.  Something like that.  She stopped eating and drinking and we finally had to resort to a feeding tube to get her to eat again.  Not too long after the feeding tube was removed, she went right back to her full figured self again and all was well.  

Yesterday after being
 manhandled by the vet.
Recently my daughter pointed out to me how tiny Jake was looking.  Me - huh?  What are you talking about?  Well when you see them every day .. and when you use rationals like - well she's getting old, she's shrinking - you just don't realize what's happening.  And I knew she was eating - I have made sure of it ever since her episode of anorexia.

Took her to the vet yesterday, Jakie weighed 11 lbs last time she was there, now she is only 6 lbs.  I am such a BAD fur-mommy!!!  Got the results of her blood tests today, turns out she too has a thyroid disorder.  Actually pretty common in older cats.  Sheesh.  And actually, that's the good news because I was worried it was diabetes which is much more complicated to treat in a cat.  

The doc is calling in a prescription for Jake, I gave her one of Riley's pills tonight and will pick up her script tomorrow.  Hopefully she will gain some weight and be her old Jakie self again, and just maybe I will start paying closer attention to my kitties.  BAD FUR-MOMMY!!!


Lady Banana said...

I dread one of my kitties getting sick :(

Anonymous said...

We all have those bad fur mommy moments. Over the weekend my big dog Zoey was sick and I think it was because I let her have to much people food. (I am a sucker for those big brown eyes) So I was feeling like a very bad fur mommy too. She is better now. Got all that out of her system and is back to doggy food for now.

Cindy said...

So sorry to hear you have a not so well kitty. Don't be hard on yourself for not seeing her weight go down, I'd be the same. We don't notice things change often when we see them every day. I think you're on top of it and Jakie will be nursed back in no time.

Teena in Toronto said...

I hope your kitty is feeling better.