Monday, November 7, 2011

Sign me up!

Spent most of Saturday running from one house to a townhouse to another townhouse to .. and in the middle of it and far from home the lady in my car who gives me directions decided to think a USB was plugged into her and would only wait for further instructions from a computer.  Nice.

Almost put an offer on a townhouse that was really nice, until the trek home took over a half hour and 2 tolls and I decided I didn't want to live in **Egypt.  It was really nice, though, backed up to woods with a deck upstairs and walkout patio below.  Nice.  But .. Egypt, remember.

Today was Riley's drinking day, getting out of work on time was difficult as it was and then after feeding the crabby old man cat I managed to corner him and get him in his carrier for the drive to the vet.  The drive ... the drive apparently required keys.  Funny, that.  Keys!  Who would have thought? 

You know how you're supposed to retrace your steps to figure out where you left something or even what you were thinking earlier?  Yeah.  Heh heh.  I released Riley from the carrier while on the phone with the vet, talking over the lady's hysterical laughter when telling her why we couldn't make it.  She said we still had some time if the keys showed up so when I hung up the phone I tried one more time.

Retrieving a fresh garbage bag to start transferring garbage from the half full can one piece at a time to the bag - hoping to find my keys - which you know would be at the bottom because they weigh more than paper towels and paper plates.  But for some reason I stopped before actually digging into my garbage treasure trove and went over to the counter where my mountain o' mail resides.

Well I'll be!  Of course!  The kitchen junk drawer!  Who DOESN'T keep their keys there!??

Mind you, I had only been home for about 20 minutes, and 18 of those minutes were spent looking in the pantry, the refrigerator, bathroom, bedroom, between the cushions on the couch, under the telephone table and chair by the door, in the Halloween candy, outside in my car ... in the cat carrier once I freed Riley, in the utility room .. but of course.  The junk drawer!

Why didn't I think of that???  I guess I did.  Ahem.

Is there a support group for losing your mind? 



Lady Banana said...

I'll be coming to that support group with you!!

Teena in Toronto said...

I hate it when I lose my keys ... and there are usually right there!

Anonymous said...

I put a rack with hooks beside the door to hang my keys on, and it works great...when I remember to hang the keys there...

Cindy said...

Its all becoming very clear to me why you shop on Etsy for a purse organizer. I think all vets should carry a purse organizer so next time you can get to your appointments on time, what do you think? You're a hoot, Yes, seems to me the kids signed me up for that support group but told me it was a craft I know why no one had a craft with them.