Monday, October 31, 2011

Overheard .. (is that one word or two?) ..

.. at a Mexican restaurant with my kids.  A couple entered after us that could only be described as elderly.  They sat in the booth next to ours.  At some point my son started making faces .. and we got quiet trying to figure out if he was having a seizure or playing a word game or .. just being Andy I guess.  And then we heard the woman at the other table say "Yes, and anything you want to kill .. they have it there for you."

Um-m-m .....



Anonymous said...

I have overheard some very strange and random things and for some reason seems like most of them have been in mexican restaurants...hmmmm makes you wonder.

Lady Banana said...

I've overheard one side of phone conversations on the bus that have left me wondering - rather like this!