Monday, October 3, 2011

Don't turn your back for a minute!

So what is it that happens when you turn your back?  When you think you're paying attention, being mindful, and alert? 
THEY GROW UP!!!!!  And next thing you know you are standing by their side giving your blessing, love, and support at their wedding.

I got to walk my daughter down the aisle so-to-speak, what a privilege and joy!  I have no pictures of that yet, but I do have some that I took during the evening and would love to share.


Point a camera at Dani - she makes a face!  I wonder how many pics turned out like this!


But she can whip out that smile when she wants to.

Adorable pic of the brides part of the bridal party - Dani, Kristine, Liz, and Vince!

Fun was had!

Affection was expressed

Talents were exhibited

And there was this, the reason for it all.

A wonderful start to a wonderful life!



Susannah said...

Terrific!! Looks like a lot of fun, and a tender start to a life together.


Stimey said...

Your girl is so gorgeous. Looks like a fun day!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful couple. May they have a long and happy union...Bless them both, and you too. Looks like you did a wonderful job as a mom.

Lady Banana said...

What a lovely couple - congrats to you all :)

Anonymous said...

I'll try this again for the fourth time in as many days.... I was so-o-o excited for all of you. It looked like one of those weddings that was SO MUCH FUN. I love the pictures! Everyone looks fantastic and I am just so happy for all of you! God bless, cindie

Teena in Toronto said...

Congrats to your daughter and son-in-law! They look gorgeous and so relaxed!

thotlady said...

Your daughter's dress is beautiful.

Jen said...

This looks like the perfect wedding. Well, any wedding that includes hula-hooping is probably the perfect wedding but this one seems especially fun.

Anonymous said...

Ah, the ultimate sign they've grown up! Love your pics - looks like such a wonderful celebration!! Your daughter is gorgeous!

The Beading Gem said...

She does have a beautiful smile! It bodes well for the years ahead that the happy couple had the wedding the way they wanted and not over the top!