Monday, February 7, 2011

Oh say can I cry, by the TV's soft glo-o-w-w ..

Watching TV yesterday before the Superbowl - yes, I watched it if you call having it on in the background while my nose was firmly planted in my laptop - I came upon the tribute to Ronald Reagan on what would have been his 100th birthday.  Nancy was there, all old and frail - yet surprisingly strong of voice.  The part I came in on was at the end and next thing I knew I was a blubbering idiot.

The ingredients to create that slobbery soup?  Start with Lee Greenwood singing Proud to be an American (song gets me every. single. time.) in front of a huge screen showing slides of Reagan from throughout his political life.  At the end there was a flyover which always gets me too, but this one had a camera in one of the cockpits and as soon as they passed one of the pilots showed on the screen saying something like "from all the members of the U.S. military on board the U.S.S. Ronald Reagan .." SOB .. (picture OH ROB..) he continued with something about birthday wishes for "Mr. President" and then he saluted.  That was it, I was done.

Everything was out to get me yesterday.  Well except maybe when that National Anthem was sung.  And I'm not even talking about the flubbed lines!  Just seems like the National Anthem (capitalized) should be one of those songs that is sung straight, not jazzercised.  Just my opinion.  So what gets you?  What tugs those heart strings and makes you well up and sniffle in spite of your cool self?



Cathy M said...

There are so many - reunions when fathers returning from Iraq or Afganistan surprise their kids in school, commercials for ASPCA and I see those animals I just want to adopt them all. Like you, songs like Lee Greenwood's, happy news, sad news. Everything and anything.

I agree with you about the National Anthem, just sing it as written, you can't improve on perfection no matter how popular you are.

cindy said...

Yesterday was your day. I have a combination thing that sets me off to not sure what it is, but if it ever happens again I'll let you know.

When I was watching it seemed like there was trouble with the sound system at one point. Then I got called away to the phone and never returned for your part you mentioned. Thanks for the update.

Anonymous said...

I spent 25 years attached to the military in some way (either active duty or married to active duty) and Lee Greenwood's Proud to be an American will always get me. I was one of those wives that was waiting on the flight line for my husband to land coming home from the gulf, and I cried like a baby when those planes all shut down at the same time. Sometime just the sight of a flag fluttering in the wind will set me off. Of course so do some to the commericals on tv right now, so I am thinking that it really doesn't take much to turn on my water works. But I will always be a proud American, and I will always stand with my hand over my heart and usually shed a tear or two when I hear our National Anthem, and never be ashamed to tell that to anyone.

An Authentic Life said...

The peeps I was watching the game with were horrified over Christina's anthem...they wanted it the "old-fashioned way!"

Anonymous said...

You want to watch the National Anthem being sung Google this guy. Sing it loud, sing it proud.
"jim cornelison national anthem" or wayne messmer (sp) old Chicago Blackhawks singer "wayne messmer national anthem chicago stadium"

Now that is singing.