Saturday, February 19, 2011

More later

Just got home from my sleep study.

Will tell you about it after I get some real sleep!



Lady Banana said...

Guessing you didn't get any good sleep on the study then - not surprising :(

Teena in Toronto said...


cindy said...

Hum, it has been around 23 years since I had a sleep study but I remember the yuk in my hair however at that time I could sleep standing up so, I got a real good sleep. The other thing I remember was the apnea was so bad they had Nova Oxygen in to fit me for a machine before I went home. Ya, now at night I take off the under-wire, take out the teeth, take off the eyelashes, put in the mouth guard and put on the head gear, I must be some attractive by the time I get ready for bed.