Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Some years are better than others ..

Christmas shopping is done. This is the part where every day is Christmas for me, because packages are waiting for me when I get home from work and me being me - I never remember what I am expecting until I open the box!  Oh!  For me?!?

This year however, there have been some annoyances.  I will generally not spend the amount I did at the store I did, except they were offering 40% off if you typed in the code at check out.  It was plastered all over the site, very clearly stated which items were included in the sale and which ones weren't.  Except - when I clicked submit - 40% did not come off my order.  GAH!

Sent an email, received a reply saying I had not typed in the magic word, they were very sorry.  Um .. NO!!!  I know I typed it because for a second I questioned my spelling of the word and then had to laugh because the word was 'holiday'.  I typed it.

Sent another email, politely explaining that I did type the word and being a reputable company I was sure they would address the issue appropriately.  Giant exhale.  Got another email - over a hundred bucks will be credited to my card. Thank you very much.

The other thing?  Another store I don't usually shop at because it is expensive.  For me.  I bought a .. er .. piece of  clothing.  Someone had taken it off the rack somewhere, plastic hanger and all, slipped a thin bag over it and then - the best part - broke off both ends of the hanger INSIDE the piece of clothing, and dropped the whole thing in a box.  It wouldn't have fit if they had left the hanger whole.  !!!!!!!

You KNOW I sent another email for that that one.  One of those - 'character limit 250' things.  I actually don't expect much from this one I mean - I didn't ask for a refund or anything, I have what I ordered but man - you just expect better service from some places, y'know?  I'll let you know what they say. But I say SHEESH!!!!



Anonymous said...

I have found that those e mails help a lot in correcting problem. Usually mine are just to state something that I feel could be done in a better way (or to just vent off steam) and have always gotten a response and usually some kind of coupon or something for taking the time to contact them. Be interesting to see how that works out for you. Good luck.

JenK said...

I always send "helpful" emails. Hopefully the company learns something from them. I've always gotten a response of some sort. Sometimes a coupon, sometimes an apology for bad service. Both are good enough for me. Usually it's knowing that someone, somewhere read what I had to say that does it for me.