Friday, December 31, 2010

I can pose for a sculpture .. as a fertility Goddess, I kind of resemble one. Yikes!


Ah yes, the doctor's visit.  He's still a jerk but he's a popular jerk and he gets high marks from his patients on everything but the waiting room wait.  But he asks what we would rather, get in quickly and out just as fast?  Or wait longer and have him spend some time with you.  He's got a point there.  He does spend time with you, he's just a smart-ass.  That's a good thing in my book.  Don't like doctors who keep up the doctor professional facade and never say how they actually feel about anything. I like that he has been known to tell me stories about how his wife thinks he's an a-hole, and how he asks me if the boyfriend is still around even though I've gotten fat.  To him that must be a sign of true love. I can always count on him to ask something .. how's your mom?  Which today lead me to say "she died".  "Oh, I'm sorry.  Yeah that was a tough 6 months.  I'm sorry.  Not surprised, but sorry."  "Did they give her good care over there?" referring to the hospital she was at that he is not affiliated with.  And when I assured him they cared for her very well he was off to another subject.  

My weight.  Gah.  It always goes there.  I told him my toes have started to burn pretty much all the time which he pronounced to be diabetic peripheral neuropathy.  Which of course you know I googled as soon as I could.  Basically it's nerve damage caused by high (uncontrolled) glucose.  I didn't tell him but I am starting to feel it in my hands now and again too.  Not on a constant basis.  And just think - if I lost weight I would not have to worry diabetes or high blood pressure, I would just have to look out for the other common things that have occurred in my family like high blood pressure, breast cancer, and colon cancer. Oh joy.  But a disease that is because I am an emotional eater?  Unacceptable. 

I'm not taking any of this lightly, am coming up with a plan.  Hot toes  makes me very nervous.


cindy said...

The story of my life coming up with a plan.

Stimey said...

Good luck with your plan. I have one too. Maybe this will be a year of great weight loss for both of us!

Robin Marie said...

I'm a terrible blog reader. I am so sorry to hear about your mother! My thoughts are with you.

As far as health goes, I really loved the book The Body Fat Solution by Tom Venuto. It's VERY straightforward and honest. It's also great for people who don't usually work out, because it has a great introductory program into basic weight routines. I found it incredibly helpful and empowering!

Best of luck, and if you want someone to keep you honest I would be happy to be your workout pen pal!