Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Kim Kardashian has nothin' on me!

Have I ever mentioned how much I like shoes?  I love shoes!  But there is a problem.  I have wide Flintstone feet.  I mean, I like my feet, they're cute and all but they are really hard to find shoes for.  Cute shoes, trendy shoes, heels.  Gah.  And I tend to be uncooperative about the shoes I am willing to put on my feet as well - I refuse to put my feet in something that is not uber comfortable, or something that tries to make my feet into a shape they are not.  That narrows down my choices quite a bit.  

beautiful shoes but my feet just aren't shaped like that!

Unfortunately they ARE shaped like this - but you won't catch me wearing these!

I did manage to find an awesome pair of leather ballet flats I was able to wear for a while, until my cat pooped in one of them, end of that story.  Doomed to never wear cute shoes?

These are what my closet contains ...

For when I wear brown

my breast cancer shoes

New Balance's version of toning shoes

Old pair of Airwalks I can't part with

Earth shoes, when I want to feel a little fancy

An old pair of New Balance I haven't worn out yet

Hmmm... do you notice a trend?  If you watch any of those "style" shows, they make people feel like freaks if they wear anything other than pointy toed shoes.  And supposedly ANYone can find pointy toed shoes that will fit them properly.  Well, SO????!!!  Does that mean I HAVE to wear them?  Do I have to be embarrassed because I love New Balance and ... and ... Doc Martens?  There, I said it.  My name is BetteJo, I am 51 years old and I wear Doc Martens.  (When I'm not wearing 'gym' shoes)

I literally have 2 pairs of these.  Just in case.

I would totally wear these!

And now that I've seen these - I'm going to be trying to find a pair!

So there!  I have to be me regardless of style or trends.  But there are people out there who can really make you feel like an odd ball sometimes.

What makes you feel like you don't fit in?  Everybody has something, don't they?


Lara said...

I hope my shoes never make you feel like an oddball! Also, I hate pointy-toed shoes. They make my feet look even longer than they already are.

I have depression which makes me really not fit in with fun perky people. Or at any parties. Like ones on New Year's, for example. Sad...

Teena in Toronto said...

I have wide feet too!

I'm not much of a shoe whore. I have what I need.

I love Mary Jane-style shoes and have a couple pair.

The Beading Gem said...

I gave up shoes with more than 1 inch heels years ago. My shoe hunts are usually for comfortably shoes which preferably don't look like Mary Janes!

Stimey said...

I think Doc Martens are cool. I was never cool enough to have any. I always had not quite good enough knock offs. I really like the ones in your photos here.

Anonymous said...

I have lots of tennis shoes too. That is about all I wear anymore. Guess I have resigned myself to never wearing pretty shoes again. I hate it but comfort wins out everytime.