Thursday, May 27, 2010

There's something to be said for a little recovery time.

I mentioned my concern about Bret Michaels, Poison front man and man-whore extraordinaire. He is diabetic, has been since he was 6 years old and insulin dependent. He had an emergency appendectomy in April and maybe 10 days later he suffered a brain hemorrhage. If that wasn't enough, a short time into his recovery he had a "warning stroke" which led to the discovery of a hole in his heart that will have to be surgically closed.

So it was with trepidation that I turned on the finale of Celebrity Apprentice Sunday night, he was expected to be there.

Yes, Bret Michaels was there, albeit moving a little more slowly than usual but it was obvious he's still the same fun, enthusiastic guy. After the show people managed to interview him outside and he admitted that his doctor had said it wasn't a great idea that he travel to New York. And it turned out they had to land in Nashville (part way there) so Bret could get out and walk around because his head was hurting so badly.

I thought wow - this is a guy who honors his commitments! Admirable quality, sure. Except he didn't stop there. He went on Leno. He went on The Today Show. He went on Regis & Kelly and he went on Ellen. Last night he showed up on the finale show of American Idol - and he performed! Today? Today he went to be on Ryan Seacrest's radio show and is supposed to be on George Lopez tonight. And from what I understand tomorrow he goes back on the road in Biloxi, MS to begin his tour again.

So now I am wondering, where will he show up next?

Dancing with the stars?

Maybe he's hankering to show up on Grey's anatomy.

Y'never know, maybe he wants to join the cast of Glee!

At this point I might not be surprised to see him in the new Sex in the City movie.

I mean hell, I swear I saw him at President Obama's press conference today. Maybe he has an idea for plugging that oil well!

But honestly. Really. I hope someone who knows this man has told him - GO HOME AND TAKE A FREAKING NAP! NOBODY WANTS TO SEE YOU DROP DEAD ON NATIONAL TV!
Cause that's what I'm thinking.



Mahala said...

OMG yes! He'd be awesome on Glee :)

Anonymous said...

Even though he is a bit of a man whore...I like him. He seems like he really is a nice guy. I hope he recovers from this and comes back strong. I think he should take Simons place on AI.

The Beading Gem said...

I totally agree. It's one thing to stick to commitments but I think he's got an awfully good reason to first take care of his health.

Teena in Toronto said...

This is going to sound really mean but with him popping up all over the place, I wonder if his "illnesses" are real or just for publicity.