Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sometimes it sneaks up on you

Driving home from work there is a cemetary I pass. Monday as I was driving home still unaware that my Mom had fallen and what was to come, I was looking, but not - through the cemetary fence. You know how you sit in your car (when you're not in a hurry) and just zone out? You might be looking at something but you're not really seeing .. that's what I was doing.

Right before the light turned green I realized I was gazing at a lot more flowers than usual on many, many graves in the cemetary. Not sure I have ever seen that many flowers there since I've been driving that route.

Then I realized why.

Sunday was Mother's Day.

Kind of took my breath away.



Diane at Crafty Passions said...

You almost read my mind I swear...
I went to the cemetery to see my mother and dad on Mother's Day( I go every week) and the cemetery was so colorful ,I was thinking how nice that so many people remembered their loved ones.
I always bring silk flowers early May I don't wait for Mother's Day ,flowers say... yes I remember and I miss you.
Standing there realizing both my Mom and Dad are beneath that stone gets to me every time I go there,I still cannot believe it.

Going by a cemetery does make you greatful to have your family or incredibly sad that you don't have then near anymore.It does take your breath away either way.

JenK said...

Oh- that makes me so sad. I feel like crying now.