Monday, March 8, 2010

The Oscars - do you care?

I don't. I didn't watch. I haven't seen any of the films that were nominated and or won. I don't know who half the actresses are I'm about to show you. So in the interest of full disclosure, I wear jeans and some kind of top that covers up whatever I want to cover and New Balance or Airwalks every day. Every. Single. Day. I have no fashion authority what-so-ever that allows me to comment on what anyone else wears or how they wear it. So please enjoy my being catty. Well, sometimes I'm nice too, that's just not as fun.

Helen Mirren. I think she's lovely and almost always wears something beautiful and classy and and manages to be sexy every single time. I'm nice to her.

Charlize Theron. She confuses me. I would think that someone with such beauty would not want to ruin the simplicity of a classic style, with weird rosettes placed right on her bazumbas! What's THAT all about?

Deborah Ann Woll. I have no idea who she is, what film she was in, what she was nominated for or - IF she was nominated for that matter. Her dress isn't my favorite but what's worse - didn't she have a mirror or better yet, a good friend to say "That color does NOTHING for you." Is it something else? Just doesn't work for me.

Anna Kendrick. Again, someone I don't know, never heard of, never saw her film if she has one. But I just wanted to say I love her dress and I think she looks beautiful. No, that's it, nothing else. Except - the lacy ruffle on the slit does not even remind me of curtains.

Sandra Bullock. Who doesn't like Sandra Bullock? She's the all American girl, America's sweetheart. But did someone tell her she was supposed to be posing for a wax museum?

Wait, is this the wax replica - because I see no life in this figure at all!! My God Sandra, we hardly knew ye!

Carey Mulligan. Can someone tell me who she is and why I should know her? Never mind, I really don't care. I just think her hair is adorable. Not just anyone could pull that off.

And now the real reason I am doing this post. If I saw this picture, I would not have guessed who is was. I KNOW she doesn't have a movie because obviously she's been out of circulation for a while having some plastic surgery done!

Would you have known that was Demi Moore? She looks um .. different. Something Margo Kidder about her eyes now. And this picture below, what IS that on her face? Some kind of small rodent trying to escape from her cheek? *shudder*

Hey, if I had the money I have always said there are things I would nip and or tuck. But this woman is a bazillionaire. She has the money to get GOOD plastic surgery! What on earth?



Anonymous said...

I think she is trying way to hard to hold on to a much younger guy. But I would think that she could afford to have at least a better hair and makeup person. I am like you pretty much jeans and whatever I can find that hides the lumps. comfort is my main concern. And I work for the fashion police. (At least he likes to think he is)

The Beading Gem said...

Snap! I actually wrote about the historical jewelry worn by many of the ladies. I never watch the Oscars - I have better things to do but it is fun to ogle the jewelry and the dresses.

Helen Mirren is SUPER. She is in her sixties and looks fabulous even in a bikini.

Diane at Crafty Passions said...

Helen Mirren is first class,always was.
Wholl's dress... well....its a statement but what she is trying ot say I dont know..

I like Sandra Bullock too but yes she didnt have much expression.
And Demie Moore..yikes... what the hell is that on the side of her face, never noticed before...
Do I care>> nope, did I watch>> nope.
We must shop at the same stores BettyJo cuz my wardrobe is just like yours... are you trying to copy my fashion flair?? LOL!!

Teena in Toronto said...

I never watch the awards shows.

Anna Kendrick is in the Twilight movies and was good in "Up in the Air".

No idea who Carey is either.

What's up with Demi's face? She looks nasty!