Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Praise my diagrams, please!

Most people take the same route to and from work every day. I am no different. The road I drive most of the way is 6 lanes across at the start with lots of stop lights and traffic. At one point the far right lane ends, there are signs from way back that show it merges into the middle lane. It has been that way since I have been driving that road. So you would think other people who drive the same road every day would prepare and merge early so traffic doesn't get bunched up and slowed down. But there is always a bozo or 2 who has to gun the engine and and rush up the lane so they can merge in front of all the cars in the middle lane. What.Ever.

But recently signs went up saying road construction was coming, prepare for delays. The signs said construction would begin on June 16th. June 16th came and went and no construction, I'm sure they put the signs up early so some of the drivers would find alternate routes in the meantime. Regardless, construction came. Probably a week or 10 days after it was supposed to, but it did. Coming home from work not far from the merge from the right into the middle lane - I could see a big lighted and blinking arrow up ahead motioning to the right. Then a sign saying "left lane ends ahead, merge right." Okay, so when you start seeing those signs what do you do? Merge right - now all of us will be in the center lane and hopefully we will play nice.

For the 1st week of construction I was nice. I would get in the center lane from the get-go so I wouldn't have to merge since I knew what was coming ahead. I gave everyone else the benefit of the doubt and did not assume they were aware of the changes ahead. I let people merge.

But come the week after that and there are still morons driving up that left lane because they are too impatient to wait like the rest of us well-behaved kids in the middle lane, and then they expect to merge AHEAD of all of us nice kids when they hit the last possible moment to merge. Um. I DON'T THINK SO. You may even have to hit my car to prove your desire.

See me in this last diagram? It's hard to tell but I am singing and smiling and moving right past that person who can't fool me now and isn't going to get in front of me. I play nice and by all the rules until someone wants to take advantage of me. And then - well - I WON'T LET YOU IN A$$WIPE!!!

Just sayin', and smiling sweetly.

**TODAY on the way home the guy behind me who is probably a real jerk in every other aspect of his life became a hero to me. Although I didn't give him a thumbs up or applause like I wanted to for fear of encouraging behavior that could bring on a serious road rage incident, he was wonderful! He was driving the car directly behind me and I realized he was off to one side. It took me a second to see what he was actually doing - but he was driving right down the middle of the left and center lanes making it basically impossible for anyone to pass him. None of those people who race up to merge at the very last second because somehow they are entitled to be first - could get in front of him. Okay I know it was a move that probably could have garnered him several hand gestures and verbal assaults, but - it made me smile for that half a mile or whatever the distance was. I knew I wasn't alone in resenting those "me first" people who have been making me nuts!


Lara said...

I could not agree more. Those Speedy McMorons are big jerks.

Teena in Toronto said...

Crazy drivers, eh?

Two people died last night on one of our highways ... they were drag racing with another car. Idiots!

Stimey said...

What excellent diagrams you have drawn!

I hate Speedy McMoron. I also love Chivalrous TwoLane.

Cynthia at A Shimmy in My Spirit said...

Love your diagrams!

The Beading Gem said...

10 out of 10 for excellent diagrams! They explained the post clearly.

Why does driving bring out the worst in people? That always puzzles me.

Sweet Olive Press | Helen Evans said...

The diagrams are FAB. And I know exactly the sort of person you're talking about. Grrr.

Shaiha said...

I wish that my diagrams were as clear! And I know what you mean about those folks. Makes me want to spread caltrops in their lane to bless them with flat tires.