Thursday, July 23, 2009

Coping - the pretty way.

Sitting in my little office room at work today, sweating like a rockstar (sounds better than pig, doesn’t it?) while my office room mate was coooooooool as the proverbial cucumber, I grabbed the trusty piece of cardboard I keep on my desk to fan myself. Bing! The light went on!

I ran over to Cynthia’s Willow Rose Studios because I knew she had just what I needed! FANS!!And PRETTY ones at that! I picked a fan and I was having trouble with the shopping cart for some reason and I thought I’d just drop Cynthia an email and let her know. Just a couple of sentences about my menopausal annoyance and her shopping cart.

A little while later I got my answer. From Cynthia’s brother-in-law Joe. LOL!!! Apparently he

does the upkeep on her online shops (her own I.T. guy no less!) and he knew what the problem

was and was able to fix it right away.

Oh – and in a follow-up email Joe said Cynthia is working on a hot flash fan and all I can say is I hope it’s big and has something funny on it so I will laugh instead of cry when I fan away that trickle of lady-like perspiration running down my cleavage. Sigh-h-h .. oh to be a woman of a ‘certain age.’


Anonymous said...

I ran across your blog and felt a kinship of sorts. Looking forward to reading more.

The Beading Gem said...

Hot flash fans would be hilarious! Cynthia's got a winner there.

Diane of Crafty Passions said...

You crack me up a hot flash fan ... genius!!!!!(( better have a jumbo jet engine strapped to it !!)))
I remember working with the heat on high and everyone else wearing sweaters......
I am still a tad hot how years later but its better... LOL... oh the joys of womanhood
Have a good weekend

Anonymous said...

For real! I've found that if I put a fan, that rotates back and forth, on the floor it helps so much! (I work in a bank drive-up that also has the ATM and we get all the heat and humidity through that baby!) This really works! Cindie (Molly's mom)

Cynthia at A Shimmy in My Spirit said...

So glad you came by to look at the fans. Worry not - my brother - in - law knows all about hot flashes (thanks to being married to my sister and working with me when I have a melt down if something goes wrong with the online store) and the moods that go with them. Isn't it great to have a "computer guy"!

I started making these fans when I (and most of my female friends) were having those hot flashes like crazy. One great quote someone mentioned to me was "These aren't hot flashed they're power surges."