Friday, June 19, 2009

We took a drive. . .

All of the pics are clickable to see them larger.

Have you ever driven up or down Illinois? This is mostly what you see.


There is a nice family farm back there.


One of our exceptionally clean Illinois rest stops.


Illinois is serious about it’s refuse.


Ah, the destination! Makeup being applied.


The outfit – check!


Aren’t they adorable?


We find our seats. And that lady with the sparkly hat arrives.


The graduates file in.


My daughter IS in the picture. And so it the sparkly hat lady.


Look! You can almost see her!!


Dani is on the jumbo-tron! And on the stage as well.


The lady with the sparkly hat looks for a good snapshot.


I took this picture using the glow from the lady’s hat!


Yay!! Different hats! Much better hats. Woo Hoo!!!!


On the road again . . .


We had a good time. Andy and I drove down the night before and stayed in a Super (not) 8 motel so we didn’t have to drive 5 hours that morning. After the graduation we went back to Dani’s and Dan’s house, where they served a lovely meal and I got to meet Dan’s family. Conversation flowed and we had some good laughs, it was a good time. Over all too soon, of course and off we went back home.

And speaking of Dani and Dan - they have a new website - see the badge on my left sidebar? Yeah, that's the 2 of them sticking their tongues out at each other. Click on it and have a peek!


Lavender said...

Congratulations BetteJo, and Dani too of course LOL A big day indeed and its happy to hear it was a wonderful one as well - also good there was no lasting eye damage from the sparkly hat ROFL!!!

Stimey said...

Congratulations to you and Dani! I love the photo journey. And Dani and Dan are about the cutest couple ever.

Bev's Jewelry said...

The distance from the graduates reminds me of my daughter's graduation. No sparkly hat however. Still very proud as you were.

MsCatCalls said...

You must have been so proud !
Im fascinated to see the photos of illinois too . In the UK I think graduation gowns are always black . At least in my day they were . The purple is great . Well done all !

Lady Banana said...

Lovely photos! You must have felt extremely proud :)

I have a graduation to go to at the end of July :)