Thursday, June 4, 2009


SO-o-o-o tired. Like I don’t even want to get up to pee tired. It was an awful no, goofy, it was a bizarre day at work today. I stayed late and still barely got a thing done all day. Can you say VERSION CHANGE?? Yeah. ‘Nuff said about that.


Went to the grocery story on my way home and bought copious amounts of fruit and some vegetables, all things that are good for me. Well, I did sneak in one frozen pizza, a little one. Other than that I gave the cashier fits as he was in training and you know what produce can be like. Poor guy.

I realized I must have crossed some kind of threshold when the young checker called me Ma’am and I didn’t cringe, and I felt compelled to encourage the boy - that he’ll be doing it with his eyes closed in no time. Like a Mom.

By the time I got home and got everybody fed and groceries put away, it was all I could do to wash some cherries and sit down and read a few blogs. With Cherries. But what did I find as I rounded the sofa … puke. Cat puke. Not a lot, THAT was over by my bedroom door. No, this was small but not unobtrusive by any means. It was right across my laptop power cord. You can thank me at any time for not taking a picture for you. I thought about it while I was cussing under my breath and having fantasies of posting this and having people come from far and wide to give my cats better homes where people don’t mind the puke, the pill giving, the hair everywhere and the patting their face while they sleep.

It’s just a fantasy I know. In real life I clean up all the puke and get turned into the ASPCA for thinking bad thoughts about my cats.

An orange jumpsuit doesn’t seem so bad about now.


Teena in Toronto said...

We find kitty puke in funny places too.

I love love love cherries!

Lavender said...

Oh Egads!! YES!!! Im so over the whole poop and puke thing already! LOL
You know I still love them, and Im sure you do yours too!, but enough already with the gross bodily functions part of pet ownership!
LOL I hear ya!

And heres hoping tommorrow will be a better day at work, hang in there!

Heather "Hev" said...

In a change of comment direction ;)

I too like to encourage new salespeople - especially when they look like they are going to blow a vessel and apologise a thousand times for not scanning something properly first time!! As I always say - you have to start somewhere!!

Now about those cherries - I think its cruel to tease me like that you know :lol: I love summer time for all the fabulous stone fruits - yummo!!

Hope you have a better day at work next time you are in!

The Beading Gem said...

Funny how I just bought cherries on the same day I read your post about cherries. Didn't get any cat puke though. Maybe tomorrow.

BetteJo said...

Teena - I am so sick of the cat puke I could just - well - puke!

Lavender - Yes, me too. And today at work was just fine. The people that changed our version - decided it would be better to roll it back and get a few more bugs out! Yay!!!

Heather - You are a very compassionate soul, I can tell. Sorry about the cherries - I had some last week and just needed MORE!!

Pearl - Well I'm hoping you STILL didn't get the cat puke!

Bev's Jewelry said...

Cat, kid,anyone's puke yuck! But cherries, yummo. And yes, version change, the worst!

Lady Banana said...

I don't like cat puke either - it's not always in the easiest place to clean up either!

Cherries, just fancy some now actually!

thotlady said...

I hear you...I have two dogs and their messes sometimes wheres me out. :...(