Saturday, October 11, 2008

I've had it!

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate the telephone? I know I have and I do. I rarely answer it and I rarely check my messages. Some may think that's rude, but I have come to think of the phone as an intrusion. I don't get to choose when it rings and I want to be able to choose.

With that kind of animosity toward the phone, you can just imagine how I feel about solicitors at my door. I have argued with myself over the ye
ars about putting up that little black and white sign in my window "NO SOLICITING". I have never done it because putting it out there just seemed like something I should not have to do. It's MY house. If I don't know you, what the hell are you doing knocking on my door?

So today - I finally put a sign up. It is only temporary, but I am finding it necessary. This is ridiculous! Why do people feel they have the right
to knock on people's doors to influence people's opinions, ask for money, or sell something? That's how I feel about soliciting in general. But for politics? Get the hell off my porch a**hole! Man it pisses me off!!!

So today - I taped a small sign on my mailbox. You
can't see it unless you step onto my porch but you certainly can't ring my doorbell or knock on my door and claim you didn't see it. I just hope it works because next time I'm liable to clock someone!

Do you think it's too polite? Because it sure doesn't say what I would like to!


Joy Keaton said...

I think the sign is great (and pretty!). Your vote is your choice and it is absolutely your right not to have to suffer anyone (from either side!) who is trying to push their candidate on you.

I'm with you on both the phone and the knocking. I unplugged my landline about 2 months ago (it's just for emergencies any way) and if my intercom buzzes and I'm not expecting someone I generally ignore it. You want to see me? Call first... oh.. oops phone's unplugged. tee-hee

Lavender said...

LOL! I dont answer the phone OR the door unless I know who it is - and I thought I was the only reclusive anti-social person around Teeheehee!
The thing that gets me with the door to door solicitors, is you have to tell them "NO" about five now if I get tricked into answering the door I say no once and when they try again anyway I just say in a loud voice "NO MEANS NO!" and shut the door.
I think your sign needs the 'do not' in bold or a differnt type to help it stand out clearer - at first glance I thought you were inviting them in! :)

The Beading Gem said...

That sign is perfect because the canvassers are only after the undecided. We have a great deterrent - a long staircase to the front door. You should see the kids huffing and puffing at Halloween when they make up to the front door!

Stimey said...

Harumph. So there's no chance to turn you, huh? :)

I think it's a great sign. If people came to our door, I would put one up too!

BetteJo said...

This is the 3rd person. 3RD!!! It's enough to make me crazy! It's Saturday. I hadn't bathed, I had no bra on, and wasn't looking for a political discussion with an older lady literally dressed in red, white, and freaking blue. UGH!!!!!

LadyBanana said...

I so agree with you about the unwanted callers at the door!

I have a peephole and if I don't know who it is then I'm not opening it. I used to, then I realised as you say, it's my door and I have the right to not open it for every Tom Dick and Harry...

And to me the worse are those trying to convince me to join some freaky religion!

BetteJo said...

I'm not totally anti-social, but if I don't know you - don't knock on my door. Well, unless it's an emergency and you put your eye out or something.

Catherine said...

I hate people who knock on my door to sell or to try to convert me! I don't even like trick or treaters -horrible aren't I!! I certainly don't let my own children do it as why on earth should anyone feel obliged to give them a sweet!!

I don't like the phone either much as it's usually either someone trying to sell or someone hassling me to do something!!

So, I'm with you all the way on this one Bettejo!

Heather "Hev" said...

I think your sign is very polite - no point in being rude - just goes to a level that you dont want to be.

Here we tend to have huge waves of religious callers (we have a sign so we are left in peace) anyway they kept hounding and usually they swarm on Sunday mornings - a friend of ours got sick of saying no thankyou so the next time it happened he answered the door buck naked.

I gasped at the story - but hey it worked ;)