Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Irritable and crabby, my middle names.

Having a few days in a row filled with little annoyances. Like, the girl at work who makes all the mouth noises? Well, she's a worrier by nature. We don't tell her anything that might be the least bit scary or she'll have the sky falling in 10 minutes flat. Definitely nothing health related or she'll try to convince us we're dying. Listening to her walking around talking about how her 401K is worth so much less than it was a month ago, yada yada yada - gets really irritating. I go by the philosophy that as long as I'm not looking to sell it, I'm fine. It will go up again. But she has to walk around moaning and whining about something she has absolutely no control over, and something everybody else in the room is
trying NOT to worry about. Gr-r-r-r!

That was this week. At the end of last week my brand new slick phone - died. Yeah. Push the button - nothing. I slid the phone into my purse the night before and Friday morning when I got in my car I turned - or tried to turn my phone on and yeah. Dead.

After work I called AT&T and did the little trouble shooting stuff they asked me to do because I'm a customer service reps dream. I'm a good patient too, but that's another story. We came to the conclusion that the phone was .. well .. dead. Like I said. Okay fine, send me a new one, I'll use my old one until the new one arrives. Because I'm laid back that way.

My new phone arrived last night and that was when I discovered that I had almost everything saved to the memory card so that was good. Wasn't sure what I had stored in the phone and what I had saved to the memory card so I was a bit apprehensive at first. But - all I was missing was (were?) my ringtones. I hate searching for ringtones because I get all anal retentive about it and want to find the perfect ringtone for each of several people, and the best general ringtone for whoever els
e might call. God forbid my phone rings at work or somewhere and my ringtone is really lame. Except of course my "cool" is bound to be somebodies lame so I really shouldn't worry about it. I'm sure there is some aspect of obsessive compulsiveness to it all.

I downloaded about 7 different ringtones about 5 times. I would download them and then find they didn't exist. Made me nuts and irritable, especially since I was trying to IM and read blogs and watch TV at the same time. But - I was finally able to complete the task to my satisfaction. Mostly. Not sure any of that stuff will ever really please me.


It's been rainy and cool here for the last couple of days and driving to work in the morning is
frustrating when the pavement has a drop of water on it to say the least. That's when people turn into the worst drivers ever. Except me, of course. This morning was especially annoying since it was only drizzling but the guy in the left lane in front of me insisted on driving 35 mph when the limit is 45 and I usually drive at least 50 along that stretch of road. Needless to say (but of course I will anyway) the guy would not move out of the left lane and I was forced - forced I tell ya - to pass on the right. Walked into work complaining about all the putzes out there on the road.

I need to color my hair and change my diet and exercise more (read - at all) and not sleep so much and on and on. Plus I'm taking a time management course for work which has me seriously thinking about logging what I do with all my time at home. I'm good at work. But home? I get nothing done and never seem to have time for anything. I can see the log for a regular weeknight now:

6:00) Home from work, feed cats, change clothes, sort mail, odds and ends.
6:30) Sit down in front of the TV with my laptop - eat there too.

9:30) Get my lunch ready for the next day, my tea for morning, my meds, etc.

9:45) Back to the computer again - take my makeup off there as well.

11:00) Bed.
(okay sometimes it's 12:00 or maybe 1:00am)

Exciting, isn't it? But that's what I do. Somehow recently I did fill 13 bags with clothes, shoes, purses, etc to give away. I straightened my closet and now it looks nice but more importantly, I can find things! I got my daughter's room straightened and vacuumed but I STILL have not finished my bead room.

Maybe I can work on that .. fit it in between say .. 6:00 and 6:30 when I do my other odds and ends? Cause that seems to be the only time I'm willing to be away from my computer unless I'm SLEEPING! That just can't be healthy.


The Beading Gem said...

Oooh, you reminded me of the two cell phones (identical models) we got which both died. Twice. Yep, I got crabby too. It's actually funny when they instruct you to try and resuscitate a very dead phone.

MsCatCalls said...

Ah but now I see your timetable I u nderstand how you are so good at commenting . I always wondered how you keep up ... its a great skill you have ! And you know where your time is going .... Im never quite sure what I achive with mine !

Heather "Hev" said...

Back in the olden days when I was anything up til the age of - say 18 - I used to completely organised. Had everything to a schedule and everything was in its place.

Now - we wont even go there!! Trust me on that one!!

Day Dreamer said...

Organized!? Not me...not really.

I sort of know where stuff is. That has to be good enough!

Hugs you! I can mostly relate. I eat and go through mail and watch tv in the same place most of the time....


Catherine said...

I hate being time poor!! I hate days that go wrong too! I feel quite disorganised at the moment and just don't know what on earth I've achieved some days! Oh well, we just keep going don't we!!

BetteJo said...

I'm not really time poor. I just don't use it wisely. I really really don't.

Lavender said...

SEE! Its not just me! LOL
I tell you, even if you give up part of the computer thing - the amount of "stuff done" DOES NOT INCREASE - it defies logic, but its true, I promise!

LadyBanana said...

Your evening routine is so like mine, far too much time spent on the computer.. sometimes I stop myself switching it on in the first place but then I get fidgety.

When I do get other stuff done though I do feel much better, pity it doesn't happen so often..