Friday, August 1, 2008

Just amazing.

I follow all the blogs I do using Google reader. I don't usually read them right there, but if it says there are 42 posts to read, I don't go looking for 43 and 44. So it was with great surprise that I scrolled down to the bottom of my list of blogs last night, and discovered I had somehow managed to put a bunch of them into a folder! ??? I have no idea how.

But that is why Stimey had to email me to tell me I had won a Stimey luggage tag in her give-away - YAY ME!! - and why it is only tonight that I am commenting on some posts from Wednesday. How do I do things like that and not know it?

And the choice of blogs that were in the folder didn't even make sense. They didn't all fit into one category or anything. I had to drag them out of the folder and back up into the regular list which apparently doesn't alphabetize on it's own and now they are all out of order. I amaze me sometimes.

For the most part though, it's been a good week. Several people out on vacation at work so things were super busy which is always better than super slow. Plus I had a few issues I was able to resolve which not only made me feel good - it made me look good too. Always a good combination on the job.

Tired though, but it's a good kind of tired. Feel like I've accomplished things, and I rewarded myself with a mini-nap after work today. I managed about a half hour nap after finding a comfortable position on the couch, letting the cats sort things out while they jockeyed for position and finding something on TV I could sleep to. Nice. Just long enough to feel refreshed but not so long that I can't sleep tonight.

If you've gotten this far I'm sure you've realized absolutely nothing is going on here. At least with me. My daughter's boyfriend will be coming for the weekend but they can't stay here because he is allergic to cats. I am not offended by this - he can't help it. It's fine. Allergic I can handle - I would much rather he was allergic than be someone who feels the need to stomp their feet or throw their hats at my animals. That's weak. But when your body tells you you can't be near something - you have to pay attention. So I won't be seeing much of Dani this weekend.

Andy either actually, he's at Lollapalooza tonight, tomorrow, and Sunday. He'll be home to sleep and shower and that's about it. He'll be home after I go to bed tonight and up before I wake up in the morning. I probably won't even see his wristband run by. That boy does love an event.

So here's to hoping I won't totally sit on my butt this weekend and do nothing, because God knows - there are always things to get done around here!


Mahala said...

Girl you just kick back and take another nap if you wanna. :)

Stimey said...

Google Reader has folders? Blink. I didn't know. Should we place bets on whether mine are full?

Diane of Crafty Passions said...

Huh what??? Google readers?? Folders??? How confusing, they must think we are computer whizs here!!
Some times I do stuff I have no idea how the heck I did it but there it is so I must have, makes me laugh.LOL!!
Have a good weekend

BetteJo said...

Mahala - I think I just did, thanks!

Stimey - yes, folders. Who knew?

Diane - I'll enjoy my weekend - hope you enjoy your vacation. :)

LadyBanana said...

I wonder if there is a way to alphabetize the feeds in G Reader.. would be better then..

Hope you're enjoying your weekend whatever you end up doing :)

The Beading Gem said...

I knew there were folders (top right tab which says Feed settings) but it doesn't mean I use them! Thanks for reminder. Hope you have a nice relaxing weekend. Quiet time is a gift to be savoured.

BetteJo said...

I have aways alphabetized my blogs myself. If there is an automatic way - I don't know how to use it I guess!

I knew there were folders but I didn't know how to use them and haven't attempted. So to all of a sudden see some of the blogs in my list stuck on one - well - weird. I clicked on and dragged each one out - and after I dragged the last one - the folder disappeared. How's THAT for weird?

Heather "Hev" said...

I love Google Reader - saved me having to remember which blog I just looked at when I had to go to the next in my favourites....

Strange thing is that this blog will not go on it - for some reason it cracks the do dah!!!! Most others are aswell so that isnt it......

Very strange I reckon!!!
I use my folders - just a couple - one for challenges and one for forum friends. That is only a very small percentage of the blogs I blogcrawl.

So BetteJo I reckon my google reader is allergic to you - but the positive bit is you are Number 1 in my blog favourites :)

Have a wonderful day!!

BetteJo said...

Thanks!! I've had one other person tell me she couldn't get my blog into her reader either. I have no idea why! I actually have my own blogs in my reader - just so I can see anything that might look out of ordinary there. And I didn't have a problem. Weird! But I'm glad you want to try!

palette48 said...

I'm glad you found the rest of your blogs and I hope you had a great weekend!