Monday, August 4, 2008

Wonderful weekend!

Woo hoo! I wasn’t sick this weekend! The kids were otherwise occupied, I was on my own pretty much and I got a few things done. I ordered pizza and cannoli, had it delivered and settled in to enjoy a quiet and indulgent weekend. Yes, I said cannoli. Delivered to my house.

You know it couldn’t last, right? There had to be a catch for goodness sake. What would a weekend be for me if something unexpected didn’t happen?

This weekend it was mold. Wet cardboard, fuzzy walls, and a heretofore undiscovered hole in the roof. Yay me.

Dani doesn’t use the closet in her bedroom on a daily basis, it’s small and she has boxes stacked in there as well as some dresses and odds ‘n ends. So when she went into the closet on Sunday and found wet and mildew and mold covering everything in there, it was quite a shock.

Of course it was me who climbed into the attic to look for the leak. It was me who took the ladder out to look at the roof in the back of the house. And it was me who pulled those boxes and blankets and everything else out of the closet and into the garage. It was me sitting at my computer searching for something that would kill mold on drywall, me with the towel tied over my nose and mouth wiping down the walls inside the closet while trying not to breathe.

So after all that – it was also me who placed a call to my landlord (lady) who when she returned my call said “e-e-e-w-w-w!” Uh, yeah, I agree.

This house does not have central air. We’ve got a wall unit off the living room, one in the back of the house where my son lives, and a tiny one in the bead room. There isn’t one in my bedroom and not in Dani’s room either. The difference is – I sleep with my door open and she doesn’t. Can you say stuffy?

Guess who it was who went out to the garage when all manner of cooling appliances were being run at one time to try to dry out the closet –

and caused the electricity in the whole front of the house to go out? Uh huh. I love changing those old fuses that

look like shotgun shells – one for the front of the house and one for the back. Burned myself on a hot fuse too,

aint we got fun?

Finally went to bed last night way later than I should have, trying to figure out what to do because the forecast was calling for – you know already, right? Rain and storms for the next two days. I wasn’t expecting it to be dark

and stormy before I even got out of bed though. Luckily it had not started raining yet so I fed the cats and then did the only thing I could think of. I went out to the garage in my jammies, got a pink plastic sled and carried it into the house and up the attic stairs. Er .. ladder. I slid the sled across to the back eaves where the hole was – and left it there to catch the rain. MacGyver even before breakfast.

I’m guessing we got hit by lightning a few weeks ago. I remember a crack of thunder so loud it woke me up and

sent me to the windows to see if something, a tree, a house – the power lines – had been struck by lightning and were lighting up the night sky with flames. I didn’t see anything and went back to bed. Ha! Didn’t think it might be my own house. But the hole in the roof looks to be

about the size of a half dollar, the shingles all tossed in a circular pattern around it.

We will get the roof fixed, replace the drywall,

and someday maybe I will get the smell of mildew out of my nose. And hopefully soon I will have a puke-less, pain and mold free weekend I can enjoy. Also hopefully – I will be able to do it without waiting for the other shoe to drop!

** There are pictures but blogger isn't letting me post them right now. Gr-r-r.

***Yay! Got my pictures posted - woo hoo!


reddragonsangel said...

What a weekend for you! Never a dull moment- glad you are feeling better tho.!

Day Dreamer said...

It should be your landlord (lady)worrying about what to do before the upcoming storm!

I hate that you had to blow a perfectly good weekend on mold!

And canoli's? have any spares? When I was pregnant this last (and final!!) time, I searched for canoli's and there were none to be found. I called every Italian joint in the city and nothin'. Now, that I'm dieting...canoli's everywhere!

BetteJo said...

Actually mold is pretty dull. It would be about .01% nicer if it had sequins and sparkles!

Yeah, my landlord will be fixing everything. But I don't want to let the water keep coming in while waiting for the roofer. I'm responsible like that.
Mmmm. Italian pastries....