Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Gross. But funny.

Score! I made it to work today on time despite the fact that I had to climb into the attic and empty the sled before I showered. Oh - and the roasting pan. Yep, found another leak last night

when I was up there emptying the sled before bed.

We had tornadoes in the area last night. Bunches of people had their power knocked out, trees landed on cars and roofs were ripped off. And I was in my attic dipping a sponge into the water sitting in a pink sled and squeezing the water into a bucket.

"Mom! You can't go into the attic when there's a tornado warning!"

"Watch me."

The rain had slowed for the moment, there was a lot of lightning but c'mon - it was time for bed.
So you know of course that once I got down from the attic, emptied the bucket and pushed the
ladder back up into it's space, it started to rain and storm again. Groan...!

I was afraid that when I went to bed I would worry about the water and would have trouble
sleeping. Uh .. nope. Slept like a baby. Got up this morning and did the process over again.

It was supposed to rain today but it hasn't done it yet. I'm sure it will start to hail right before bed or something.

Told my boss about getting up in the attic before I showered this morning and he said "Why take a shower? Just go stand in the closet!

I told him he was funny. Gross. But funny.


reddragonsangel said...

YUK! Youre a better woman than me- when I used to live with my mom her basement flooded every damn time it rained, why is it always at night? I hate bailing out - I feel for you girl....

The Beading Gem said...

I can relate. One time the water heater in the apartment above us burst and the water just came down into our closet full of bedding. This kind of fun we don't need. Hope it gets fixed soon.

palette48 said...

What a pain! Glad you got a good night sleep though.

BetteJo said...

The leak and the mold was discovered Sunday. I got a message that maybe the roofer was coming out today - I have no idea if anyone did - I was at work. It's THURSDAY. After the roof is fixed - THEN someone will come out to replace drywall and maybe insulation in the attic - whatever.
Meanwhile, my daughter is sleeping on the couch.