Friday, March 7, 2008

Top 10 ways to tell my daughter is home from school..

10) There is a winter coat lying on the kitchen table.

9) There is an America’s Next Top Model marathon on the TV.

8) We have already run out of hot water once today.

7) There is folded laundry all over the living room, wet sweaters drying on chairs and bras hung in various places in the utility room.

6) I have been talked into giving an impromptu haircut in the kitchen.

5) There are books lying around that I would never, ever read.

4) There are wet clothes in the washer and dry ones in the dryer – and neither machine is running.

3) Somebody let a Furby out.

2) Someone has been sitting at my makeup mirror and using my makeup! (Goldilocks, perhaps?)

And the number one way to tell my daughter is home from school;

1) Every. Single. Light. is on in the house!!!!



PawHealer said...

And you love every minute of it!

useless_rambler said...

*that* was funny!!

Enjoy!! :)

MsCatCalls said...

Oh Furbys .... we used to have a Furby .... it was so cute , till it got wind and started making really rude noises ... does yours do that ? That was really cute too mind you .....

Laura said...

Your daughter and mine could be the same person.

BetteJo said...

Yes, I do enjoy having her home.

Funny? Yeah, but true!!!

That Furby had dead batteries thankfully. But yes, they can be quite rude! :)

Glad to know mine isn't the only daughter who lights up the house. Literally!!

LadyBanana said...

I can soo relate to this post!

Jewellery Craft said...

ROFL! Want to try it with two boys!

A sea of bikes lined up in my drive ( I have to park the car in the road)

Muddy shoes all up the hall (at least they took em off)

Not one slice of bread left in the house, despite opening a new loaf this morning!

I won't tell you about loo rolls.

And yes, every light in the house on.....even in daylight!


Gemheaven said...

lol my daughter is only six but we have a furby (I'm the one watching ANTM!!) yes she leaves lights on (you mean this won't stop??)and she uses my makeup - mind you the tell-tale sign is the pantomine dame eyes and mouth!!!

Sue Z said...

Very fun post!!
Oh yeah Furbys . I recall my sister who was a beanie baby collector running out for a Furby for her girls or at least that is what she said.

I forgot all about them !! ( I wonder why?)

The Beading Gem said...

It goes to show she is HOME and loving it. Great post!

BetteJo said...

LB - You need yours home for a bit I think. Can understand why.

Jcraft - I can only imagine the chaos! :)

Jo - What IS is about turning all the lights on?? Then when she goes to bed she likes her room pitch black. Go figure.

Sue - yeah - Furbies were one of those things that got tiresome very quickly!

Pearl - yes, I think she does enjoy being home. I enjoy it too. :)

Day Dreamer said...

That was a great post! Love the part about both machines being full and off.

OYE on the Furbie! Impromptu haircuts all 'round!! LOL!!

Welcome home!

palette48 said...

I can relate. My son also leaves every light on the house, cleans out the refrigerator and uses every clean dish in the cupboard. He's on spring break right now and I told him he can only use one dish per day. I am glad he's back and I'm glad your daughter is home too!

nutmeg said...

11. There's one happy Momma in the house too, my guess!

Jewellery Craft said...

Hello, me again.....

I've tagged you, hope you don't mind!!


Jewellery Craft said...
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Jessica said...


Number 4 and number 1? Totally (still) me at 35. Oh wait, I think number 10 and number 9 are still me too...

Am I really STILL a teenager? My boyfriend keeps hoping I grow out of this.

Very funny :)