Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Long day.

So far so good on the furnace. The heating guy who came out yesterday replaced the whole pilot assembly and it has not gone out yet. It's only been one day but I am hopeful. It was the first day in a very long time that I walked in the door from work and the house was warm. So again, I am hopeful.

What I'm not hopeful about is keeping up with all these blog posts! All of you wonderful people that I love to read who are participating in NaBloPoMo, you're killing me! It's really nice when people post a lot, but every other day is fine. Every single day is simply too much for me to read without sacrificing my sleep or my sanity. So I really hope you will forgive me if I do more of that skimming I was talking about not too long ago. And I probably won't comment as much either because after I read one post, I know I have fifty two more to go!

I feel bad about that, and not for the reasons you may think. It's more selfish really. I'm disappointed because I am sure there are posts being written that normally I would really enjoy and I know I am going to miss some good stuff. Posts that if they came out at a normal speed as opposed to rapid fire, I would love to sit back and fully enjoy. The way it is now I feel a little bit like I'm on the other side of one of those machines that whip tennis balls at a player, or maybe like Lucy stuffing her mouth and her blouse with chocolates because too many have come down the conveyor belt.

A few have dropped out already and I am quite pleased. Sorry to the rest of you who are doing quite well with posting every day. It's an achievement to be sure, I know I would have a great deal of trouble with it. But from this side - I'm hoping for a few more drop outs.

On a totally random note here, I almost peed myself at work today because of my natural gracefulness. Walking back to my desk after going to the fax machine, I stumbled over my own wide, Flintstone feet, and had to put my hand out to stop myself from totally falling down and ending up with my face resting on the wheels of my chair. The heel of my hand smacked right down on top of the banana sitting on my desk - literally squirting banana out the end and onto my wrist. I truly almost wet my pants I was laughing so hard. And why can I eat a banana and not find anything at all wrong with it, but get totally grossed out by that same banana smooshed onto my arm? It was like a cartoon and it was worth tossing out the banana just to have that giggle.

Hope you find something to giggle about today!


palette48 said...

Bette Jo,

I love the new header. It looks great. Glad that you are staying warm and I know what you mean about the blog posts. It can get overwhelming for sure.

MsCatCalls said...

Hi the header looks fabulous I love it .....
You made me laugh out loud picturing the banana . years ago when I was really young I was on student placement in an office with a very poised older woman . She was very well groomed and neat and never made mistakes or so it seemed to me ,. One day she tripped over a phone wire and even in tripping she maaged to right hself gracefully . Even now when I think of that I can get the giggles ... so , your trip made me laugh twice over . Thanks x

Catherine said...

I really like your new look for your blog Bettejo.

I like your sense of humour too. I hope you're okay though and didn't pull anything muscular. (Oh, that doesn't sound quite right!) I find it really hard not to laugh when someone falls over. It really annoys my children.

Lavender said...

Where to start.....Oh Yes! ROFL!!! Im glad you werent hurt, but I did have a great laugh at your acrobat-iness! And as one woman with wide feet to another - That was really well done Dearie!!! LOL
Everyday posting, yeah, I hear you! Actually was thinking that after NaBloPoMo I might go to an every other day thing - its a challenge to come up with something every day (unless theres birdy chicks to follow that is) and even tho I try to keep it short - I can get...tricksy?
As for not commenting every day - have I already told you that at least with me, dont you worry about that! Nope, I want people to be free, (and hope they will feel the same when I get chasing my tail like I am these last few days!) BE FREE!!!!!
Hope springs eternal - but will keep fingers crossed for your furnace! LOL