Friday, November 9, 2007

7 weird things

Reading the road less traveled this evening, Jen did a meme and kindly did not tag anyone. I have trouble doing those things if tagged, I must fold under pressure. This meme appealed to me though, so I decided to do it. 7 weird things about me, and I just know these are things people will find so interesting! Or maybe not.

~ * ~

I am very good at tripping and falling, I have broken one ankle and sprained the other, twice. Usually I just hurt my pride.

I like to be alone. There was a time I was made to feel badly about that but now I think of it more as being secure enough in myself that I don’t need to surround myself with other people all of the time. Sometimes is plenty. And that person that wanted me to feel bad? Totally insecure.

I love the jewelry I make but I rarely wear it myself. I wear a ring, a necklace, and a bracelet every day, each from my BF. Other than that – I do wear earrings I make, but not much else.

When I was pregnant with my daughter the hair stopped growing on my legs, and I could not taste garlic. I would put so much garlic in spaghetti sauce it was literally hot to other people and I still couldn’t taste it. Or was it my son?

I hate the telephone. HATE it. I answer for my BF and my family. Usually. Other than that – I barely even check my messages.

I go to sleep every night to forensic programs on TV. And if there aren’t any on – I put a tape in of shows that I have recorded for that very purpose. I find them interesting to listen to as I fall asleep, and Bill Kurtis’s voice especially soothing.

I cannot stand cloth on teeth. It’s worse than fingernails on a chalkboard. If I accidentally feel cloth or tissue on my teeth somehow - I literally shudder, cringe, and get a chill. Get goosebumps. If I think about it – I do the same. I just did it. And it will happen every time I read this so I won't read it again.

~ * ~

Like Jen, I won't tag anybody. But if you feel like doing this, leave me a link so I can see if you're more weird than I am! Here's hoping!!



JenK said...

Thanks for doing this! I had fun reading your weird things.

You know what's weird? I've bought all of my kid's artwork. They don't have a single painting from me. So, I understand the not wearing your own jewelry. :)

palette48 said...

I definitely don't think you are weird and I love Bill Kurtis! It has been years since I last saw him in Chicago, many, many years ago.

Lavender said...

Hey! I love being alone too - I reckon I could be a happy hermit in a cave somewhere if it werent 2007, somehow it doesnt seem like thats allowed anymore - (((grumble)))
All the beads I made, I never made myself a piece to wear - how weird is that? All the jewellery I made, you think it would kill me to put some on! Hehhehe Used to wear earrings all the time...funny that!
I HATE THE TELEPHONE - its like torture to me when I have to, dont know why, and couldnt care less LOL
Forensic programs, well, I like them very much - before bed or other times too - I just like to learn something, you know?
So, all up, I think Im at least half as wierd as you :)

Stimey said...

Hmmm. Cloth on teeth. I have all sorts of weird things. I don't like getting my hands wet, can't stand lotion, I birthed a child that physically can't make tears...but this is the first I've heard of this particular quirk.

Your new design looks very pretty.

SUEB0B said...

I am with you on the being alone and the telephone thing.

Barbara said...

I don't think you're that wierd at all!

I totally understand the cloth on teeth thing -- I have the same kind of problem with cracking joints! (It sounds like my collarbones made when they snapped.) Just makes me twitch -- GAH!

I read somewhere (I think it was about the Myers-Briggs personality test) that introverts are people who get energy by being alone. Extroverts are people who get energy by being with people.

Looks like we're a bunch of Bead-o-Verts -- we get energy by being with beads!