Monday, November 5, 2007

Earrings and heat, earrings and heat ...

For those of you who have asked, the chandelier earrings are coming. I made some this weekend, but my photography was a little dark. I thought gee - when I get home from work today I'll take some better pics with the daylight coming in the window. Works wonders. Uh, no. Because of the time change, it's now dark when I get home from work. Gr-r-r-r.

Since I will be taking a half day tomorrow, I will get some pictures then, and will list the earrings tomorrow evening. Really.

Why am I taking a half day tomorrow? Thanks for asking! I will be home by noon so I can be here to graciously welcome the furnace guy. Again. Yep. The pilot still keeps going out and my landlord is under the impression that the pilot just needs to be adjusted. She thinks the pilot is set too low, which proves that she hasn't seen it because when it's lit - it's not one tiny flame. It burns more like a flower, with flame all around the metal core. The furnace guy told me it's a gas hog with a pilot like that.

My landlord is basically telling the heating company that she doesn't want to pay for another service call, she wants them out there to fix what's wrong. Her contention is - it's not the furnace that's not working, it's the pilot. Fix the pilot, the problem will be solved.

Here's the thing. The suburb I live in has some prime real estate in it. The land this house is sitting on is worth a bunch. The house? Not so much. Down the street from me they pulled down a cute little home and put up a great big house - and it's going for just under a million dollars. That is a single lot. I am sitting on a double.

I'm thinking my landlord plans on renting out this house, putting as little into it as possible, until it's not rent-able anymore. Then she will sell it for the land, not the house. She knows she has to keep the furnace running, but she isn't going to replace it until she absolutely has to.

I almost feel like telling the furnace guy not to bother because I don't believe there is anything else they can do, but we will see. Tomorrow is another day, right? One way or another, I will have heat that works all of the time, not just some of the time.

I really do hate this house.


Honeysuckle Rose said...

I suspect you're right about the pilot light AND the landlady.

Lavender said...

What a monumental pain in the tookas!!!
I hope at least you get some nice sun for your photos.....landlords STINK!!

Drew said...

Craziness. My landlady is a pretty good person. I feel very lucky. Here's to getting the furnace fixed since its supposed to snow here tonight...

Catherine said...

What a pain in the backside - both the furnace and the landlady!! I hope you get it sorted!

MsCatCalls said...

Oh no ... is it time to start looking for a move of house ?
Last christmas we had a problem with our boiler , whenever they canme out it would run fine and as the guy drove off it would stop again . No hot water at all for days on end an dthat went on for weeks . the dishwasher broke and we have a tiny sink for washing dishes ( with cold water ) . then ( same time the washing machine door stuck shut with a load of washing in there ... I thought it would never all be fixed .
Now , it IS all fixed , and yours will be one day , either that or you will move ? Good luck

crunchy carpets said...

yeah...I think your gut is about heat though.

You need heat.


palette48 said...

Can't wait to see the earrings and I hope you can get the heating problems under control soon!

nutmeg said...

We just bought one of those Amish Mantle electric fireplaces. We've lived with very little heat for years. I don't recommend it!