Sunday, July 15, 2007

Just a question ~ input?

Tonight I downloaded Firefox - I had heard, oh - it doesn't matter why. The point is - I was making sure I had all my favorites and such, including this blog. I opened it and - wait - it looked weird! Using Internet Explorer - I have 3 columns. A sidebar on the right, one on the left, and the body of the blog is in the center. All my colorful widgets and blidgets and lists and pictures are on the sidebars. Except on Firefox. On Firefox I have the sidebar on the left, the middle body of the blog, and on the right where there should be a sidebar - well - there IS one I guess, but it's blank! All the 'stuff' I should be seeing there - is tacked onto the bottom of the LEFT sidebar! So - please please tell me, if you have stopped by, what do you see? I mean - I find it somewhat disturbing that for the last couple of months some people may have been seeing an empty spot that looks really stupid! So ... A on the left or B on the right?


Robin Marie said...

I see B. While I think A is cute, I do love the B I see every day:)

palette48 said...

I use firefox and I like it a whole lot better than explorer. I do see B
but I didn't even know that the side bar was empty. It doesn't look bad at all or that anything is missing.

The Family Jewels said...

I see A and like it, but B doesn't look bad either. A looks more balanced and that is what I tend to more of in my art and I am trying to break out of that comfort zone. Both look just fine!

BetteJo said...

Thanks for looking! I just want my blog to look the same regardless of what browser you may be using!

This is very weird and since I have always used Internet Explorer I had no idea it looked different using Firefox.

I am way too anal rententive for my own good.


chumly said...

Just keep writing. I need to read it as much as you need to write, don't worry about what it looks like. I like your honesty in all your posts.

BetteJo said...

Why thank you Chumly! That's a wonderful compliment and I really appreciate your coming by and reading my blog.

I'll get over this "how it looks" thing I guess, will probably post something 'real' tomorrow. I get thrown when something is different than I thought it was .... do do do do - *hear Twilight Zone music* but I'll get past it. :)

Thanks again - hope you keep coming back!

Day Dreamer said...

I see A. I'd like either, tho!

I'm coming here for YOU anyway! And to peek at your jewlery!

BetteJo said...

Thanks day dreamer - as you can probably see - I fixed it. :) With help.
Hope you don't mind what's a new look for you!

And thanks for peeking at my jewelry too - gee I need to get back to making some!!

The Beading Gem said...

I use mostly IE7 but yr blog is fine in Firefox too. The only difference is I don't have the plugin on my Firefox for some of the widgets - so I think the problem you see is related to just the computer you are using. So you can rest easy ;-)