Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My kingdom for a nail clipper!

So this moving thing - I'll be writing about it until every last box is emptied.  That might be a long time. I was going to be so organized marking every box with the room it belonged in and writing a bit about what was inside on the top - as well as putting big arrows on the side for upstairs or downstairs.  Heh.

This WILL be my craft room.  Ahem.
If only.

At some point I think I was just overwhelmed and my daughter had to rescue me, thank you Dani.  I threw out or donated half of what I own I swear, and many heard me say "see?  I'm not a hoarder. . " or maybe that was just Dani listening.  

That I ended up in the new house with all (okay most of) the items I wanted to keep is a miracle but finding what I need has not come easily.  I know Cathy, I know!  I should have put notes in the boxes!  

I had to BUY nail clippers yesterday before I started putting holes in my socks.  No clue where any others are although I have used some since I've been here.  This organization thing just doesn't seem to come naturally to me although really, I think it's a skill I possessed in greater measure at some other time in my life. 

My kingdom for a professional organizer!  



Anonymous said...

I feel your pain! Hang in there, one day you will run across something you thought you had gotten rid of and it's just like Christmas!

Lady Banana said...

I've not moved house in over 20 years!

I can't imagine the muddle I'd get in with all the stuff I have!

Pearl Blay said...

Bet you'll find your old nail clippers soon AFTER you bought the new one!

Teena in Toronto said...

Congrats on the move!