Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I didn't even know I HAD to pee ..

Not my drawing, but accurate none the less.
... until I bounced down the last 4 steps on my butt landing on the basement floor.  Adding insult to injury not only did I need to head for the Ibuprofen, I had to change my clothes as well.  I guess I will assess my injuries sometime after I dust off my pride.


I was thinking - this getting old thing really sucks but I have to admit - yeah, I've always been a total klutz.


**Edited to add - next step after posting this was shopping - here - 10 pairs of non skid slipper socks for $1.99 a pair.  Nobody beats my mad online shopping skilz!



Anonymous said...

I don't even have to be falling down stairs to have accidents like that. And yes getting old does suck.

BetteJo said...

Lol! Well at least I'm trying to protect against falls now, never know when one might fall, pee, AND break a hip!

Lady Banana said...

Whoops! Hope you are ok now :)

thotlady said...

That happens to me quite a bit...the not knowing I have to pee and then wow.

Shaiha said...

Hopefully you are okay. It's quite the scare when the feet have a mind of their own on stairs. I have done that twice down my basement stairs.

And yes getting old sucks.

Pearl Blay said...

Ouch indeed. I must say I prefer falling on carpeted stairs after falling down a wooden staircase years ago. Very painful. So I feel for you!