Thursday, February 16, 2012

I just don't get it!

It's not incredibly unusual to walk into the bathroom at work to the sound of someone talking on the phone from inside a stall.  It may be a reflection of where I work or a cultural divide, but I rarely hear English from the stalls. But honest to God I don't get it!  Doesn't matter who is doing it.  ICK!!  

Bring your phone into the bathroom to play a game or read your email if you think it might be an extended stay.  But whole phone conversations in a public washroom stall while people in other stalls flush?  

I don't get it!


Cathy Monroe said...

It's disgusting and very rude.

Anonymous said...

When I am home alone, I have to shut the bathroom door. I really can't imagine talking on the phone while I'm in there. Gross!

Lady Banana said...

It's a horrible thing to do, but I know my daughters have done it on occasion in the past.

I told them it's not nice so don't think they do it now!

BetteJo said...

I just don't understand it. I hate having to use a public restroom at all but I have no choice at work. But I cannot imagine going in there and talking on the phone while using the toilet. Doesn't compute.

Shaiha said...

They do the same thing at my job also. And I really don't understand it especially as we work on the phones and can't stand it when a customer calls in and they are in the bathroom.