Saturday, August 13, 2011

The sky is falling!

At least that's what my kitties think.  All of a sudden it got dark, the cats got a little restless.  Then the sky opened up, the rain started to fall and then there was hail.  All in quick succession.

And the kitties scattered.

The hail stopped but the rain continues.  The kitties are a little more relaxed but the rolling thunder is still sending them back to their hiding places from time to time.  

I just wish I could explain it to them.  Can you imagine how scary it is for them?



Stimey said...

My cats don't seem to mind rain, but my dog thinks that thunder signals the apocalypse.

Lady Banana said...

Mabel doesn't mind rain, she stays out in it sometimes, comes back drenched, silly girl!

Freddie has yet to experience such stuff..

BetteJo said...

For some reason we don't normally hear the rain too much - maybe it's the big trees buffering the worst of it. But the windows were open and there was hail which was quite loud. Poor kitties had no clue.
I hate seeing them cringe and run.

Teena in Toronto said...

I don't know if my kitties have ever seen hail. Rain doesn't seem to phase them.

Anonymous said...

I am grateful that neither of my dogs are the least bit bothered by the thunder. My daughter's dog however is terrified of it. He can get dangerous when trying to hide from the noise. I have always felt bad for him, wondering what happend to make him so afraid. She told me that his is also very afraid of fire. She wonders if he surived an explosion of some kind. Whatever it was left a mark on him for sure.

cindy said...

Good job they are inside safe with you. My neighbour had an outdoor cat, the cat would climb to the top of a tree every-time it was frightened by something.