Monday, June 20, 2011

TMI - what do YOU care?!?

I'm not sick.  Just uncomfortable.  There's a clicking in my left ear, kind of like it's trying to unplug in small measured beats.  Except it doesn't seem plugged up.  So . . . something knocking to get out?  Like my little pea brain?

There is the headache that's been there since last night, a stiff neck and some really nasty, heinously disappointing stuff going on since SURPRISE I'm not in menopause after all.  Hell, one can dream, can't one?  But - I had a wonderfully UNeventful  5 month streak goin' on.  That luck I was all about on Thursday?  Gone.

The pap was normal, so was the mammogram, yay.  Important stuff but my head hurts.  

Just wanted to say hi.  HI.

Are you feelin' it?  Okay, sinus meds it is.  And maybe a diaper.  I didn't say that, did I?  No, you imagined it, don't worry.



Anonymous said...

This time of year always causes me sinus issues. And I hate that full head feeling so much. Fortunately I went throuh menopause at 44 and (knock on wood) have had no problems what so ever, didn't even use hormone replacement. And it is so wonderful to be free of it all. Hope you feel better and hate that the luck ran out so fast. (guess you missed out on that whole lottery thing)

Teena in Toronto said...

I sometimes get what feels like a pulsing in my ear ... drives me nuts!

The Beading Gem said...

Allergies? Ah well, the menopause will arrive sooner or later. You're just spluttering to a halt!

Lady Banana said...

I keep thinking I'm in the big M.. but I'm not yet. Even had a blood test which showed I wasn't.

I'm gonna be the oldest menstruating woman on earth! lol